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Palia: Where to Find the Small Key to Mystery Box



Palia: Small Key for Mystery Box

There are several secret quests that players can choose to complete in Palia. One of the quests that players can complete is Mystery Cargo in which players will have to find a Small Key to the Mystery Box. The Mystery Box is located in the Store Room under the Inn and players can talk to Reth after locating the Mystery Box to start the quest.

Want to know where to find the Small Key to Mystery Box then you are at the right place. This guide will help you get the Small Key to Mystery Box in Palia.

Where to Find the Small Key to the Mystery Box

While talking to Reth, he will give you the hint for Small Key by saying Zeki hid the key where no man can survive. To find the Small Key, you need to go out of the Inn and head in the north direction to reach the stream. Walk along the stream to come to a small waterfall. The water will be bluer and deeper. To know if you are at the right place, you can use the image below to get to the location.

Once there, Hold the R button and equip the Fishing Rod. Cast the fishing line in the pond without using any bait and wait for it to catch something. Start reeling in when you catch something and keep it in between the brackets. After successfully reeling in the item, you will get the Small Key.

Now, you need to go back to the store room in the Inn to open the Mystery Box. Interact with the Mystery Box to use the Small Key to open it and it will drop a letter. You can read the letter and then talk to Zeki about the Letter to finish the quest.

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