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Fort Solis: What is the Code for Helen’s Steel Draw



Fort Solis: Passcode for Steel Draw

The Forst Solis Facility consists of several stations and as players explore the facility, they will find various items that can help them understand the work of the workers. One of the successful experiments that Botanist, Helen completed is Compound 26 but she has placed it inside her Steel Draw for which players would require a Passcode.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is the Passcode for Helen’s Steel Draw in Fort Solis.

What is the Passcode for Helen’s Steel Draw

As players explore the Fort Solis Facility, they will come to know about the people who have been stationed at Fort Solis. Players can access audio files and video files that the workers have recorded either from the Computer Terminal or Recorder found in several locations in Fort Solis. It is important to listen to the recordings because you don’t know what the character would hint at in the recordings. One of Helen’s Audio Recordings will explain about Compound 26 that she experimented but as she did not believe anyone in the facility, she kept it in the Steel Draw in her office.

Helen’s Office is located in the Greenhouse B1 area which players will get to visit in Chapter 4: Forlorn. Go to Helen’s Office and the Steel Draw will be on the left side. The audio recording will also have the code for the Steel Draw. If you have not picked up the audio recording, you can still interact with the Steel Draw and enter 0721 as Passcode to unlock the Steel Draw.

There will be a Compound 26 inside the drawer and another audio recording in which Helen shows the success of Compound 26. It is not compulsory for the story but for the players who want to explore everything to enjoy the narrative can choose to open the Steel Draw.

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