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Fort Solis: How to Get the Good Ending



Fort Solis: Good Ending

Fort Solis is a Narrative Adventure Horror Game set in the Year 2080 on Mars. Players will begin their adventure when they get an unusual Manual Alarm Alert from Fort Solis. There are 4 chapters in total in which players will get to explore the Fort Solis Facility and deal with the horrors that come with it. Fort Solis has two possible endings and either of them is not good. However, an alternate ending which is considered as the Bad Ending is worse than the Good Ending.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Good Ending in Fort Solis.

How to Get the Good Ending in Fort Solis

Players need to keep playing until they reach the top floor of the Greenhouse Station and find Jack. During the brief cutscene, QTEs will pop up on the screen that players have to complete in time. No matter if players successfully complete the QTEs or fail, Jessica will still get major injuries. After that, players need to walk to the Airlock door where Jessica closes the door to save Jack and Wyatt takes her life.

As the Airlock door opens, players need to successfully press the buttons on the screen to walk through the dust storm and reach the LTV Hangar. Once there, direct the Left Stick according to the directions on the screen to get behind Wyatt and attack him.

Several QTEs will pop up again but this will not matter because Jack will survive no matter the failures of QTEs and Wyatt will get shot by the Officers called by Jessica earlier in the story.

Believe it or not, the good ending of the game leaves us only with Jack.

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