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Fort Solis: How to Gain Access to Greenhouse A0



Fort Solis: Greenhouse A0

The Greenhouse Station is one of the main stations in the end-game that players will have to visit to find Jack. Jack has been taken by Wyatt after being attacked in the Maintenance Unit and players will get to play as Jessica to help and rescue Jack. However, as Jessica starts from the Greenhouse B2 level, she would have to reach the Greenhouse A0 Level to find Jack.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to gain access to Greenhouse A0 in Fort Solis.

How to Gain Access to Greenhouse A0 in Fort Solis

Once players have obtained the Level 5 Access Card, they will be able to enter the Greenhouse B2 area. From there, players need to take the Stairwell to reach the Greenhouse B1 area as well as the Greenhouse A0 area at the top of the Stairwell. However, the console of Greenhouse A0 will require power to operate for which players will have to find an i5 Unit.

To get the i5 Unit, go to the Greenhouse B1 area. Enter the Greenhouse and go to Helen’s Office in front. The i5 Unit will be placed on the table on the left side. Interact with the i5 Unit to pick it up. After getting the i5 Unit, go back up to the Greenhouse A0 door and interact with the console to place the i5 Unit.

Once the console is powered up, interact with it to open the door and gain access to Greenhouse A0.

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