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Fort Solis: How to Get the Bad Ending



Fort Solis: Bad Ending

Fort Solis is a Narrative Adventure Horror Game set in the Year 2080 on Mars. Players will begin their adventure when they get an unusual Manual Alarm Alert from Fort Solis. There are 4 chapters in total in which players will get to explore the Fort Solis Facility and deal with the horrors that come with it. Fort Solis has two possible endings. As the Good Ending left us only with Jack, players can get an even worse ending than this which would cost Jack’s life as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Bad Ending in Fort Solis.

How to Get the Bad Ending

The bad Ending is only achievable on certain actions that players will get the chance of at the end of the game. So, keep playing the game until Jessica reaches the top of the Greenhouse Station and finds Jack. Wyatt will interfere with Jessica while freeing Jack and a small fight will take place. It does not matter whether players succeed or fail in completing the QTEs because either way, Jessica will die at the hands of Wyatt after reaching the Airlock door.

Once players have progressed to the Airlock Door and stepped out in the Dust Storm, they need to stumble by choice to get the Bad Ending. The prompt on the screen will appear several times that players can complete to reach the Hangar but to get the Bad Ending, they need to fail in these QTEs.

As Jack stumbles 3 – 4 times, Wyatt will catch up to Jack and an alternative cutscene will play in which players will get no QTEs. Wyatt and Jack both will fight to the death leaving both of them dying on the ground side by side. The camera gradually fades away to the ending cutscene of the game and the credits.

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