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Palia: Where to Find Zeki’s Black Market



Palia: Where to Find Zeki’s Black Market

Zeki serves as the proprietor of Palia’s General Store, offering players a range of valuable items. However, Zeki also operates a concealed Black Market, found within a secretive location. While Zeki alludes to its existence, players must undertake Zeki’s friendship quest and uncover the entrance to the black market in order to access it. If you’re interested in discovering the whereabouts of Zeki’s Black Market, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will elucidate the precise location of Zeki’s Black Market in Palia.

Zeki’s Black Market Location in Palia

The entrance to the Black Market remains concealed somewhere on the expansive world map. Players are tasked with thorough exploration to unveil this hidden entrance. To locate the entryway to Zeki’s Black Market, venture to the southern reaches of the Remembrance Garden area. Upon reaching the coastal zone, while traversing along the coastline, you’ll encounter a Sewer Pipe. Interacting with this Sewer Pipe will transport you to the Black Market, granting access to a selection of decorative items and Lucky Coins for purchase.

Zeki’s Black Market Location in Palia

What Time to Go to the Black Market?

It’s important to note that the Black Market is exclusively accessible during nighttime hours. If you attempt to visit the Black Market during daylight, you’ll find it closed, rendering any transactions impossible. Ensure you visit during the night to access the Cash Register and peruse the Black Market Store’s offerings. Notably, the items available in the Black Market are of exceptional quality and consequently command higher prices. It’s advisable to engage in Gold farming to accumulate the necessary funds for acquiring decorative items to enhance your dwelling.

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