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Persona 3 Reload: Fuuka Yamagishi Social Link Guide



Persona 3 Reload: Fuuka Social Link

Building relationships with various characters in Persona 3 Reload will require you to unlock a Social Link with each character which involves a couple of prerequisites like finding the location of a character and reaching a certain level of a specific Social Stat. One of the Social Links that players will get to unlock and rank up in their playthrough is with Priestess, represented by Fuuka Yamagishi.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to unlock Fuuka Yamagishi Social Link and how to rank it up.

How to Unlock Fuuka Yamagishi Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Unlocking Fuuka Yamagishi Social Link will require players to reach Rank 6 (Badass) of the Courage Social Stat. Furthermore, it is crucial for players to first start Fortune Social Link before talking to Fuuka. Players can start Fortune Social Link on June 17 after joining any Culture Club.

Once players have accomplished all prerequisites, they will be able to start Fuuka Yamagishi Social Link by talking to her on June 19. She can be found outside the bathroom on the second floor of Gekkoukan High School on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Having the max Courage rank (Badass) will unlock the dialogue option to talk to Fuuka which will initiate the Social Link with her and allow you to rank up by making correct choices.

Fuuka Yamagishi Social Link Choices

Like any other Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, players can rank Fuuka Social Link up to Rank 10 by making correct choices at every meeting. You can find all the correct choices for each rank below.

Rank 1 to 2

Prompt 1: Maybe I should give him some food. What do you think, Makoto-kun?

Prompt 2: I don’t want to put you in the hospital…
Pick any choice.

Prompt 3: I don’t think I can do this alone. Can I… count on you to help?
Sure thing.

Rank 2 to 3

Prompt 1: I still don’t have a feel for how much salt to add. How do you do it, Makoto-kun?
Choice: Just a dash or two.

Prompt 2: O-Oh, sorry. I know you’re just trying to help me, and all I’m doing is being negative.
Just take it slow.

Prompt 3: Hmm… But in that case, I can’t really read while cooking. I wouldn’t want to get the pages dirty.
Pick any choice.

Rank 3 to 4

Prompt 1: But I couldn’t really decide, and I wasn’t sure how to use whatever I’d buy…
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: And it’s not like I have any other redeeming qualities.
You’re a hard worker.

Prompt 3: Not to mention that I’m kind of embarrassed about it all. I mean, it’s not a very feminine hobby.
That’s not true.

Rank 4 to 5

Prompt 1: W-Well… How is it?
You did a great job.

Prompt 2: Because I don’t think I could have made it this far without you.
Choice: I’m glad I could help.

Prompt 3: That might be the reason why I made such good rice balls. Because I was thinking about who was going to eat them.
Can you make me more sometime?

Rank 5 to 6

Prompt 1: I promise I’m going to do the best I can. So can I count on you?
Of course.

Prompt 2: I know I don’t seem very reliable, but I want to make myself a useful member of the team.
That’s the spirit.

Rank 6 to 7

Prompt 1: ……
Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: I mentioned that I don’t really like going to bookstores.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 3: She even threatened to show my parents.
Choice: That’s messed up.

Rank 7 to 8

Prompt 1: Why are you always so positive?
I believe in myself.

Prompt 2: I want to be with you, Makoto-kun…
I want to be with you too.

Rank 8 to 9

Prompt 1: I was so happy to hear that that I started to cry…
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: You feel the same…?
Pick any choice.

Rank 9 to 10

Prompt 1: Sorry… I don’t know what I’m saying… I’m acting weird, aren’t I?
Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: With you by my side… I don’t think I’ll be confused anymore.
Choice: I’ll be by your side.

Prompt 3: Sorry. I’m not very feminine, am I…?
Choice: I love the headphones!

Completing Priestess (Fuuka) Social Link will reward players with Headphones allowing them to fuse Scathach. Additionally, for the players who wonder if they can romance Fuuka, the answer is Yes! Upon reaching Rank 7 at Fuuka’s Social Link players will be able to romance her and the best gift that players can give Fuuka is Glass Vase.

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