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Persona 3 Reload: How to Get Byakko



Persona 3 Reload - Byakko

Persona 3 Reload offers several characters and creatures that can be used as attacks known as Personas. These powerful humanoid and animal forms inflict various elemental effects on the enemies that can allow players 1 More attack in the battle. One of the higher-level Personas that players will be able to get is Byakko, a White Tiger originally from Chinese mythology.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Byakko in Persona 3 Reload.

How to Get Byakko in Persona 3 Reload                                         

Similar to getting most of the high-level Personas in Persona 3 Reload, players can get Byakko via fusion. Byakko’s Arcana type is Temperance (Bebe) with a starting level of 63, meaning, players will have to fuse two high-level Personas of certain Arcana types that will result in Temperance Arcana and possibly Byakko.

Speaking of fusion, players must know that Byakko isn’t obtained from the Special Fusion method as it does not require more than two Personas. Players need to use the Dyad Fusion method with a possible combination for fusing Byakko. As there are several combinations to get Temperance Arcana, a few of the best combinations that players can try are the following.

Persona 1Persona 2
Parvati (Priestess), Level 48Gabriel (Empress), Level 62
White Rider (Strength), Level 46Thor (Chariot), Level 64
Dionysus (Moon), Level 49Thor (Chariot), Level 64
Titania (Lovers), Level 49Norn (Fortune), Level65
Rangda (Magician), Level 50Lilith (Devil), Level 65

As mentioned earlier, Byakko is a high-level Persona so, make sure that you progress in your Social Links to increase the potential of your acquired Persona and get them to at least Level 65 to Level 70 to have an increased chance of fusing Byakko.

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