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Persona 3 Reload: Yukari Takeba Social Link Guide



Persona 3 Reload - Yukari Takeba Social Link

Building relationships with various characters in Persona 3 Reload will require you to unlock a Social Link with each character which involves a couple of prerequisites like finding the location of a character and reaching a certain level of a specific Social Stat. One of the Social Links that players will get to unlock and rank up in their playthrough is Lovers, represented by Yukari Takeba.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to unlock Yukari Takeba Social Link and how to rank it up.

How to Unlock Yukari Takeba Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Unlocking Yukari Takeba Social Link will require players to reach Rank 6 (Charismatic) of the Charm Social Stat. Once players have increased their charm, they will be able to start Yukari Takeba Social Link by talking to her starting from July 25. She can be found in the classroom same as the protagonist on Gekkoukan High School’s second floor on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Having the max Charm rank (Genius) will unlock the dialogue option to talk to Yukari Takeba which will initiate the Social Link with her and allow you to rank up by making correct choices.

Yukari Takeba Social Link Choices

Like any other Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, players can rank Yukari Social Link up to Rank 10 by making correct choices at every meeting. You can find all the correct choices for each rank below.

Rank 1 to 2

Prompt 1: Hey, I think I’m gonna go with the gerberas, but what color do you think I should get?
Cute pink.

Prompt 2: Oh wait, you’ve never seen my room, have you? Well then, why am I even asking you?
Choice: That’s mean.

Rank 2 to 3

Prompt 1: I guess my mom’s no different.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Rank 3 to 4

Prompt 1: Sorry.
Choice: Are you okay?

Rank 4 to 5

Prompt 1: What should I do?
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: Did something happen?
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 3: ……
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 4: Huh? Who the hell are you?
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 5: I didn’t need your help!
Choice: I’m sorry.

Rank 5 to 6

Prompt 1: Thanks for your help back then. I really appreciate it.
Choice: You’re welcome.

Prompt 2: Wouldn’t that be annoying, Makoto-kun? Y’know, if people assumed we were dating…
Choice: I wouldn’t mind.

Rank 6 to 7

Prompt 1: We could have lunch outdoors. Maybe we’ll even see a deer or something. Whaddya think?
Sounds good.

Rank 7 to 8

Prompt 1: I know! Why don’t you come help me pick something out, Makoto-kun?

Prompt 2: I told her we could meet up and talk about her remarriage. I’m nervous just thinking about it.
Pick any choice.

Rank 8 to 9

Prompt 1: ……
Choice: ….

Prompt 2: What do you really think of me?
Choice: Pick any choice.

Rank 9 to 10

Prompt 1: What am I saying?! Don’t get the wrong idea, okay?
Too late.

Completing Lovers (Yukari) Social Link will reward players with a Yukari’s Strap allowing them to fuse Cybele. Additionally, for the players who wonder if they can romance Yukari, the answer is Yes! Upon reaching Rank 6 on Yukari’s Social Link players will be able to romance her and the best gifts that players can give Yukari are Rose Bouquet and Jack Frost Doll.

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