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Persona 3 Reload: Yuko Nishiwaki Social Link Guide



Persona 3 Reload - Yuko Nishiwaki Social Link

Building relationships with various characters in Persona 3 Reload will require you to unlock a Social Link with each character which involves a couple of prerequisites like finding the location of a character and reaching a certain level of a specific Social Stat. One of the Social Links that players will get to unlock and rank up in their playthrough is Strength, represented by Yuko Nishiwaki.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to unlock Yuko Nishiwaki Social Link and how to rank it up.

How to Unlock Yuko Nishiwaki Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

Unlocking Yuko Nishiwaki’s Social Link will require players to ask Yuko to walk her home. To do so, players will first have to join any Sports Club to start Kazushi Miyamoto (Chariot) Social Link and then ask Yuko during Rank 1 and 2 of Chariot Social Link. Players can start the Chariot Social Link on April 23 and from there, they will be able to walk Yuko home and start the Social Link with her on April 24.

Yuko Nishiwaki Social Link Choices

Like any other Social Link in Persona 3 Reload, players can rank Yuko Social Link up to Rank 10 by making correct choices at every meeting. You can find all the correct choices for each rank below.

Rank 1 to 2

Prompt 1: I’m mentally exhausted…
What happened?

Prompt 2: And before I knew it, I’d dozed off. I ended up handing a blank paper.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 3: Right, Makoto-kun?!
Choice: That’s true.

Rank 2 to 3

Prompt 1: Going that far would’ve been crossing the line.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: Sorry you got dragged into that.
Choice: Don’t worry about it.

Prompt 3: They called you my boyfriend. That must have made you feel awkward, huh?
Choice: I’m honored.

Rank 3 to 4

Prompt 1: Makoto-Kun, what do you think I should do?
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: I mean, why not right? Please? Honestly, I don’t think I can handle it on my own…
Choice: Pick any choice.

Rank 4 to 5

Prompt 1: Elementary school kids really learn fast don’t you think?
Choice: It’s because you teach so well.

Prompt 2: Should I change the training routine? Maybe they should be running more.
Choice: You shouldn’t change it.

Prompt 3: Am I doing the right thing, Makoto-kun?
Choice: Go for it.

Rank 5 to 6

Prompt 1: Oh Makoto-Kun, why don’t you give them some advice too?
Choice: You guys got this!

Prompt 2: Age difference really matters when you’re as young as they are. Do you really think they can beat sixth graders.
Choice: As long as we believe in them.

Rank 6 to 7

Prompt 1: They called you my boyfriend till the very end…
Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: It’s like the kids have left the nest.
Choice: Are you relieved?

Prompt 3: Maybe we should have a little party… you know, to celebrate our first attempt at coaching…
Choice: Let’s do it.

Rank 7 to 8

Prompt 1: I was out buying stuff that might be useful for running practice, and I ran out of money.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 2: Hmm… Oh, do you like children?
Pick any choice.

Prompt 3: Would you want it to be a boy or a girl?
Choice: I don’t care.

Rank 8 to 9

Prompt 1: All it did was make me more confused than I originally was. Guess I’ll have to go ask again tomorrow.
Choice: You’re so hardworking.

Prompt 2: Can you guess what it is?
Choice: An instructor?

Prompt 3: I realized that I might’ve been relying too much on you.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 4: Are you like this… just with me? N-No, no, th-that can’t be it, huh…
Choice: Pick any choice.

Prompt 5: So you should really be careful about that. It could land you in some hot water.
Choice: Pick any choice.

Rank 9 to 10

Prompt 1: I could’ve given this to you at school, but… it gave me an excuse to see you.
An excuse.

Prompt 2: They’re kinda mouthy, but they have their moments…
Choice: That’s true.

Prompt 3: Today… my parents aren’t home…
Choice: I see.

Completing Strength (Yuko) Social Link will reward players with a Kids’ Letter allowing them to fuse Siegfried. Additionally, for the players who wonder if they can romance Yuko, the answer is Yes! Upon reaching Rank 7 on Yuko’s Social Link players will be able to romance her and the best gifts that players can give Yuko are Teddy Bear and Mini Cactus.

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