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Phil Spencer’s team is in talks with all publishers to add games to Xbox Game Pass



Insiders point to a high-profile new Microsoft purchase

Corporation Microsoft is actively negotiating with the largest game publishers to supplement the service catalog of Xbox Game Pass a greater number of games. Jez Corden, the editor of Windows Central, shared this information.

Corden noted that the partnership between Electronic Arts and Microsoft to bring Game Pass users to access to the EA Play catalog is just the beginning. The insider is convinced that right now a similar deal is being concluded with the French publisher Ubisoft, which has been rumored before, and the Xbox team does not intend to stop there.

“It’s not such a revelation, actually. Of course, Microsoft is not going to stop at just one EA Play catalog. They go all-in, inviting absolutely all publishers to add their games to Game Pass. This is not just about Ubisoft and all the major publishers in general. It just so happened that the deal with EA was closed first, “explains Jez Corden.

In the global development of Microsoft’s gaming division, Xbox Game Pass is now key. Recall that as of September last year, it had over 15 million subscribers.

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