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Cyberpunk 2077 will now perform better. NVIDIA will speed up its new graphics cards for free by the end of winter



Cyberpunk 2077 will return to the PS Store when Sony wants it

NVIDIA has promised that from February all its RTX 30 series graphics cards will receive support for a new feature that will speed up their work. But the old models, alas, will be left without such an opportunity.

We are talking about the Resizable BAR function, which allows the computer’s central processor to simultaneously use all the RAM of the card. Without it, Windows PCs could communicate simultaneously with a maximum of 256 MB of video memory.

This technology eliminates the I / O bottleneck and, according to AMD, provides up to 10-15% performance gains in games. Interestingly, it was the “Reds” who first used this technology, although it is supported in PCIe as part of the standard.

NVIDIA is preparing a new driver for video cards that will enable this feature. Also, motherboard manufacturers are developing BIOS updates for their solutions.

The green company said it is working closely with Intel, AMD, and major motherboard manufacturers including ASUS, ASRock, EVGA, GIGABYTE, and MSI to bring Resizable BAR support to a wide range of motherboards. However, there is no complete list of supported hardware yet.

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