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Playing Far Cry 6 in co-op: this is how multiplayer works



Playing Far Cry 6 in co-op: this is how multiplayer works

Far Cry 6 has a co-op mode with which you can complete missions together, collect loot and make the open-world unsafe. How exactly this works, what you have to pay attention to, and what compromises there are when playing with a partner, we explain to you in our compact guide on the subject.

Far Cry 6: Everything about co-op in the open world

Can you play the story campaign together?

Yes, you can theoretically play the entire campaign together from the first main island area and also complete open-world activities together – or simply admire the picturesque island landscape from a jet ski as a couple.

However, the story progress only remains with the host. If you are a teammate, you have to complete the missions in your game world again. A small increase compared to Far Cry 5 awaits you anyway.

When will the co-op mode be available?

If you want to play Far Cry 6 in co-op, both players must have completed the first story missions on the tutorial island of Isla Santuario. Only then will Far Cry 6 co-op mode be available.

What progress do I keep as a player?

The story progress fizzles out, but even as a guest you keep your rank as well as looted resources and equipment. You are accordingly stronger and shoot your way through the campaign missions more effortlessly.

How many players does the co-op support?

As with the predecessor, multiplayer fans plunge into the open-world fray again in twos. Co-op for three, four, or more players are not supported.

Do both players get the same loot?

Yes – at least with unique loot. When playing, we stole a special weapon, the Camo Quinceanera, during a treasure hunt, which both players could pick up. With regular loot boxes, both of them receive a random reward such as a weapon or material.

How do I play with someone?

  • Connect with your co-op partner via Ubisoft Connect
  • Open Ubisoft Connect while the game is running and look for the person in the online list
  • Invite the person to your game
  • Your co-op partner should appear next to you in the open world a little later.

Is there crossplay?

Crossplay works between the console generations. PS5 and PS4 can play together or Xbox One and Xbox Series. PC gamers, on the other hand, stay among themselves, and console users cannot exceed their platform limits.

Is there matchmaking?

Anyone who has not yet been able to convince a buddy of the co-op can fall back on matchmaking this time. You can look for willing allies directly in the game, for example, if a mission alone is too tough for you.

What are the advantages of co-op?

Of course, you benefit from co-op especially when you work together:

  • You can mark places for each other and exchange information.
  • You are allowed to revive each other, which makes missions less likely to fail.
  • Everyone has their own animal companion and special weapons such as the Supremo backpack, the effects of which you can coordinate with one another.
  • In vehicles, one person can take over the controls and another the gun.
  • You can infiltrate bases together, distract opponents and split up the targets there.

What happens if I move away from the co-op partner?

As in Far Cry 5, your co-op partner will be teleported to you if you advance too far. However, the range has been increased so that you no longer have to walk obediently like your dog companion Chorizo. Incidentally, the strict regulation of the predecessor had technical reasons.

Is there a friendly fire?

As in Far Cry 5, the damage to your comrades is hidden by default. Do you still have a bill or are you longing for more realism, you can activate it in the menu.

How much fun is the co-op?

Especially with large hordes of opponents, the co-op also provides variety, as you no longer have to mow down an overwhelming force alone. If data is to be downloaded or fertilizer tanks destroyed at the same time, the division of labor is also an option. A treasure hunt, in which we had to find boats pulled ashore with numbers, turned out to be much faster because we didn’t have to plow through the whole village one by one.

The co-op loosens up the game and ensures practical synergies – for example, if you first stun all opponents with the poison gas supremo and then fire after rockets or first switch off all cameras via EMP while another player opens the heavy artillery or slowly moves forward. The journey through the open world is also much moodier when one is driving and another is targeting the opponent.

Two big catches: story progression and difficulty

A big downer, however, remains the difficulty: Far Cry 6 is very easy to play on its own, in co-op or single player with the captured multiplayer progress, most missions are even more a piece of cake. Ubisoft should work on the balance here until the release.

In addition, only one person takes over the story progress, which is why you can only experience the whole story to a limited extent in co-op. For us, it makes sense to complete the campaign alone and then hunt down cool equipment together in the open world.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find the Ice Stone



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find the Ice Stone

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also have the mechanics of Evolvement of the Pokemons that are very necessary at some point in the game. Evolving Pokemons will increase their stat as well as their level which will then deal great damage to other Pokemons in the battles. One of the main items required for the Evolvement of Pokemons is the Evolution Stones. One of the Evolution Stones that you can find after progressing in the main path of the game is the Ice Stone and you do want to get your hands on it as soon you unlock the specific area.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to Find the Ice Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Finding Ice Stone

Ice Stone is one of the mid-game Evolution Stones that players can find after progressing through a couple of the main paths in the game. The Path that players need to progress in is the Victory Road Path in which players take down different Gym Leaders and claim their Badges as well as the Path of Legends to get all the abilities for the Mount. Once players have made their way to Dalizapa, the Ice Stone will be able to collect by players at a specific Location on the map. Ice Stone is used to evolving a certain species of Pokemon and if you have one of those Pokemon then you can evolve them by using the Ice Stone on it.

The Ice Stone can be found by going through the Dalizapa Passage. The Dalizapa Passage can be found North of the Mesagoza before you get to Glaseado Mountain. To get to Dalizapa Passage, you need to head North and climb up on the mountains near the Great Crater of Paldea. When you are up on the Mountain, you’ll see a space between the mountains and a big Poke Ball which represents the Dalipaza Passage. You need to jump down and then start going in the North direction.

Finding Ice Stone

You’ll have to go through a stone passage and as you go up, you’ll see a shining Poke ball on one of the Stone Spikes. Use the Mount to Climb up on the Stone and as you go close to the Poke Ball, you’ll pick up the Ice Stone and it will show you that you picked up the Ice Stone. It will also show you the description of the Ice Stone on the screen which will say “A Peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokemon evolve. It has a snowflake pattern in it.” After getting the Ice Stone, players can evolve the following Pokemon by using the Ice Stone.

  • Eevee > Glaceon
  • Cetoddle > Cetitan
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Check Pokemon’s Size



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Check Pokemon’s Size

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many Pokemon and players do keep close Pokemon with the highest levels to themselves because they will be able to take down the high-level Pokemon in the battles. But how do they know what is the size of the Pokemon that are with them? Most of the players think that the Pokemon that are small will be small in size as well but they can surprise you when you check their size of them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to check your Pokemon’s Size in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Size

Pokemon are different in size and players cannot judge their size just by looking at them or the way they look. You will find most of the Pokemon looking small in size as they completely hide in the tall grass but if you get to check their sizes, you’ll be surprised. Pokemon also change their sizes as they level up or evolve into a new shape. So, when you level up the Pokemon or give them a specific item to evolve them, all of their stats, their EVs, and their size will also change.

Checking Pokemon’s Size

Checking your Pokemon’s Size is not simpler as it sounds because it sounds like you would be able to see it from the summary but you won’t find any description of the Pokemon’s Size. To check the size of the Pokemon, you need to meet with a specific NPC in the game. The NPCs in the game have a very useful role because they allow you to do different sorts of things for your Pokemon. One of the things that a specific NPC can do for you is telling you how exactly big or small your Pokemon is.

To find the NPC, you need to go to a town named “Mesagoza” which is basically the first town your character will visit in the main story of the game. To get to this Town, you need to complete the whole Prologue of the game. After completing the Prologue, you’ll come to Mesagoza, the main town of Paldea. This town has various shops where you can buy all sorts of items and NPCs that you can interact with to get different information or items as well.

Checking Pokemon’s Size

As there are many NPCs in Mesagoza, the NPC that you need to talk to know the Pokemon’s Size will be standing near the Flowers on the west side of the town. You need to go to the left side of the town and make your way towards the shop and you’ll see different flowers in a circle. There’ll be an NPC standing next to the flower wearing a white hat. If you close to the NPC, you will also see the golden dialogue on her head saying “Do you care how big your Pokemon are?”.

Interact with the NPC and she will ask you to select the Pokemon for which you want to know the Size. Accept and then you’ll get to the menu where you can select one of the Pokemon in the Party. Select the Pokemon and then she’ll tell you the size of the selected Pokemon. You can get an idea of the actual size of the Pokemon by talking to her. If you want to check any Pokemon’s Size, you can come to her and know the size of the Pokemon.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get the Arc Phone Case



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get the Arc Phone Case

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many options regarding the appearance of the character and players can change their outfits to other seasons’ uniforms along with all the accessories. One of the accessories that your character will have is his Rotom Phone with the Default Case which is Red color Case. Players can get one Rotom phone case for free at the beginning named Arc Phone Case.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Arc Phone Case in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Getting the Arc Phone Case

The Accessories of the character can be bought from different fashion shops in the main town of Mesagoza where players will come after completing the Prologue of the game. The fashion shops let players buy different accessories that players can change anytime in the game. There are different types of accessories in the game and players will not find every accessory in the game in one shop. Every shop has different items of an accessory so players will have to go and visit different shops in the town to find the accessory they require.

Buying accessories will always cost you Poke Coins or LP but there is a way to get a Free Accessory named Arc phone Case for your character’s Rotom Phone. To get the free Arc Phone Case, you need to complete the Prologue of the game and once you have made your way to the Mesagoza town, you need to go towards the South Staircase of the town which is also the main entrance to Mesagoza.

You’ll find two other bridges as well, one on the east side and one on the west side to access different areas beyond Mesagoza but go to the main entrance of Mesagoza and you will start seeing many NPCs on the stairs. Now, NPCs can do many things for you in the game so if you see any interesting NPC with a dialogue box of golden color, do talk to them. As you are making your way down the Staircase, you will see a Lady wearing glasses and she will have a golden dialogue saying “Your Phone can reveal your past lives to me…”. You need to talk to this lady and after the conversation, she will give you a new phone case named Arc Phone Case.

Equipping Arc Phone Case

Now to equip the new Arc Phone Case on your Rotom Phone, you need to press the Left Button on the D-Pad to open up the customization options of their character. Switch the tabs and go to the very last tab and you will see the Arc Phone Case in the inventory. You just need to select the Arc Phone Case to apply it to the Rotom Phone.

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