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Burenia in Metroid Dread and how to complete it 100%



Burenia in Metroid Dread and how to complete it 100%

Burenia will be the seventh part that we will overcome during the history of Metroid Dread. Throughout this guide, we will tell you how to complete each area as you progress, just as we will tell you when you can return to any area to finish it completely.

After exploring Dairon further in the previous part, we have gained new abilities. This has led us to a gondola that allows us to explore this new region of ZDR. Go left and carefully descend from the sucking monsters on the walls. When you can’t continue because of the fan, break the floor on the right side.

From here you will reach a flooded area. While Samus is underwater, he cannot use the wall jump, but he can use the Arachnoiman. Go down until you can go to the left, eliminate the monsters and climb the blue wall that should be on your right. From there you can go left and continue. Proceed by the only possible path to the Communication Module. Keep going west.

You will come across a huge bug that spits out swarms of monsters. Use the kickback directly on the monster as soon as it emits the glow because the attack will do you a lot of damage.

From there, go down eliminating more cave monsters and use the blue plates to cross to the next room. This time, again, after eliminating a creature, you must hook yourself to the ceiling . To save time, be sure to shoot from the far right of the blue roof .

This will allow you to climb up the chute above and get to Missile Tank # 11

Now go back, go down to the water, go right and start descending through the tunnels. You will not be able to open the door of the yellow plate or take the energy tank that you will see on the way. Don’t worry, we’ll come later for everything, of course. You have a room on the left while you go down where you can save the game if you want to.

Keep descending until you enter a flooded area. Be very careful when you are at this point, just after diving:

From here, you have to drop carefully and slightly to the left of the edge in order to land on the platform that contains the # 12 missile tank, which is also a + tank .

Go down to the bottom, go up the right wall, change rooms and ignore the door that takes you back to the left. Instead, go higher and you will see a destructible point on the left wall, go out there to climb a blue wall. Ignore the first door on the right, go to the one at the top all the way. When you cross it, you will automatically get Sudden Boost.

Your new ability will allow you to cross the points where the doors were closed when stepping on the yellow ground. All you have to do is keep button A pressed before the yellow zone, wait for it to load, and point towards the door to pass without it closing.

We are going to retrace the path. Do you remember the power tank from a little while ago? It’s power tank # 03. To catch it, you have to get right on the edge, where the falling parts of the ground begin. From there, charge up Sudden Boost and use it while jumping to the right. You will climb the blue wall and you can collect the collectible.

Use the exit in the upper left corner of this room to continue. You will have to use a blue crane and the Sudden Boost to do it. You will reach an area where the water floods the room. You can make it go down by destroying cracks in the lower left and lower right corners (place a bomb in the hole in the lower right corner to reach the weak point). This, by going back in this same room, will allow you to reach a door that leaves you in another transport to Dairon. We are not going to change zones for now, but remember the location, it is the inferior transport .

Go back to the previous room and keep going up until you come back to the point where we saw a fan and a power module that could not be reached due to the current. Using the Sudden Boost you will be able to reach the third energy module. There are those who say that it is mandatory to have the Acceleration, in our case it has not been necessary, but keep it in mind if for whatever reason it is impossible to take it.

However, in order to advance we need that other skill that we just mentioned. Take the lower transport to Dairon, let’s go for the Acceleration.

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