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Metroid Dread: How to get the bombs earlier in the game



Metroid Dread: How to get the bombs earlier in the game

We offer you each of the steps you must carry out to get the bombs for the morphosphere before the normal procedure, which can give you great advantages for the rest of the game.

One of the peculiarities of the mechanics of the Metroid license is always to unlock different abilities of the character that can enable us to reach new areas of the map, even having to redo many of our steps.

With Metroid Dread we have exactly the same, and we can unlock different skills that will allow us to access new areas, and perhaps one of those skills that you will be able to get soon is the ability to put bombs which will enable us to access new areas of the map.

This is an ideal trick for those who want to finish the game in record time, but you could also try it in a second game to be able to skip a few hours of the game.

Metroid Dread: How to get the bombs earlier in the game

It is a procedure that is not entirely simple, more aimed at a second attempt of the game or with players specialized in this license.

To start this trick you must go to the Network Station located in the center of Dairon. Go to the right of this station, specifically to the lower right corner, until you locate a hidden missile block that you will be able to destroy that will give you access to another room with a block that you will be able to break to open a path to lava, an area that will be full of it.

Head east towards the extreme heat zone until you reach a ledge overlooking a pool of lava. We must cross this gap by taking advantage of nearby flying enemies by coming into contact with them while we are in the air in the right place to buy some suspension time.

This would have to be more than enough to be able to grab onto the ledge on the right just above where this flying enemy is.

Also if you have the corresponding skill you could run towards the wall on the left and perform a wall jump bouncing off it to reach the ledge on the right.

Keep moving forward following the same strategy until you go through the door at the bottom right to enter a new screen where we will see some blocks that block the way to an elevator. Use the elevator to go to the Artaria region.

After using it go right and then go down a gap with some slug-shaped enemies, and keep moving to the right passing through a door.

You will have already reached the statue that grants you the grab ray upgrade that you can use to leave the room. Now you can move the big box and open the door to turn to the other side of the adjacent screen, on the left side.

With this, you can retrace your steps to the elevator and return to Dairon, once again to the Network Station. From there go left and enter the EMMI area, and then go northwest until you leave this area and reach a large block where you can use the last ability you got from the grip. Now you can go through the new gate and head northeast.

Now in the upper part of this area, you will find the update of the bombs for the morphosphere that will allow us to get ahead of the game.

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