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Metroid Dread: How to defeat Experiment Z-57



Metroid Dread: How to defeat Experiment Z-57

Throughout the story of Metroid Dread, we will see several final bosses. In this case, we are going to tell you how to defeat Experiment Z-57, a boss during Melt the Ice.

Experiment Z-57 and how to defeat it: tips and strategies

  • Experiment Z-57 has loads of attacks, which accumulate throughout the phases.
  • During the first phase, it has three attacks: tentacles 1-2, side-to-side beam, counterattack beam.
  • The tentacles 1-2 consist of a hit with a tentacle from left to right, followed by another from right to left or the reverse. If the tentacle is coming from the left, you must be in the upper right corner of the room to avoid the hit (in the air) and vice versa.
  • The side-to-side beam is dodged by going in the opposite direction the beam is coming from. It will always stop before reaching the other wall. At that moment you must jump and fall into the area that has been left uncovered by goo to avoid damage.
  • Finally, the counterattack beam is what you really want me to do. You will achieve this when it takes enough damage: it will land on one of the two sides of the room and launch a lightning bolt. Get under his mouth and wait for him to finish, he will launch a counteracting blow that you must counter and launch missiles at him throughout the animation.
  • When you deal enough damage, it goes to phase 2.
  • Now has Death’s Eye, 1-2-3 Tentacles, Deadly Current, and previous attacks.
  • The eye of death will use it when it has the tentacles nailed to the walls. Basically, if Samus is still, he “marks” her and is doing constant damage. Keep on moving.
  • The 1-2-3 tentacle is like the 1-2 with the exception that it ends with a cross-cut that covers the right, left, and bottom of the screen. You will have to be in the air, in the center, when the third attack hits to avoid it.
  • The deadly current is a current that pushes you to the left while waves of energy arrive from the right. You have to jump to avoid the waves on the right while avoiding being pushed to the left. If you hit the left wall, you will take a lot of damage.
  • In this phase, you have to wait for the eye of death to shoot the tentacles nailed to the walls, which will do a lot of damage.
  • Regardless of that, just keep shooting and dealing damage until it falls, the bug will keep using the same attacks constantly. It will take you a while to make them.

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