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Far Cry 6: Easter eggs and secrets



Far Cry 6: How to unlock the alternate ending

Far Cry 6 is a game full of Easter eggs. Some are pretty obvious to find while others can be missed in the blink of an eye. In this guide, we’ve found the best Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs you might have missed during your time as a guerrilla in Yara.

The section below focuses mainly on the Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs that you might have missed playing the game for the first time.

This guide contains an alternative ending to the game therefore, Spoiler Alert!

Jawson Trophy

As we all know, Jason Brody was awesome in Far Cry 3. Well, there’s a Jason Trophy dedicated to him, and he can be unlocked after killing a shark with a grenade.

If you think about it, this is also a reference to the cult 1980s movie called ‘Jaws’.

Atari 2600

In the Side Weapon section of Far Cry 6, you can check out the Appearance section to see a skin for your weapon called “Wood Panel”. This is a direct reference to the 1970s gaming console, the Atari.

However, the benchmark is not just the wooden skin, it is the “Power” and “TV Type” options printed on the skin that confirm the easter egg.

Golden Apple

North of Costa Del Mar there is a place called Pino Crest where you will find an underground bunker.

Here you’ll find a note on a shelf to the left with “Golden Apple Artifact” and “Electrum Marked Crate” listed on it, which is a clear reference to the Apples of Eden from Assassin’s Creed and the Starlink game.

Laserhawk Dolphin

If you are playing the Blood Dragon DLC Pack, a K9000 will assist you on your missions. If you look closely at the tag it wears, it’s a QR code that you can scan to land on a website that has a quote from Dolph Laserhawk himself.

Hawk will be the main protagonist of the Far Cry anime on Netflix

Additionally, if you tap on the start option below the quote, you will take part in a mini-game where you have to solve a puzzle to gain access to an exclusive piece of art from Hawk.

Far Cry chemical formula 6

When you search for Henrique inside the warehouse, you may see “FC6 +” as part of the benzene ring along with other string formulas on a whiteboard.

The cry of the developers

Head to the location in Balaceras called Maria Marquessa Productions. There you will find a pink trailer with a note on the desk that gives all the developers a thumbs up.

Ubisoft Developer Family Members

At Balaceras National Park, in the swamp area, you will find a table listing the names of the family members of the developer team.

Banana thief dog or human?

This is a silly yet fun Easter Egg, which is why we included it as well. On the GDP oil rig, there is a note in one of the rooms indicating that a banana thief is on the loose.

You can prove its existence by climbing the oil rig to find a crate of bananas. The same goes for the weather station (underground bunker), the blue cabin of the television studio, and the sugar mill.

You will find a crate of bananas at each of these places with a photo of a dog on it.

Looks like the person in question really loves their dog, or the dog is the thief himself? Who knows.

Allan Quatermain

In the town of Concepción, you can participate in the “Emerald Skull” treasure hunt. Do not confuse this reference with Indiana Jones, as it is a direct reference to Allan Quatermain, the main hero of H. Rider Haggard’s novel The Mines of King Solomon (1885).

Jurassic Park

Found at Balacera – Cienaga Nublada National Park on the map, you will interact with a character known as Lola.

She assigns you special ops that take place in specific locations. One of them is Mesozoico who seems to be a direct reference to Jurassic Park.

Willis Huntley

Agent Willis Huntley has been part of the Far Cry franchise since the release of Far Cry 3.

There is a tag with Willis Huntley’s name that can be found at the Zamok Archipelago in Juan’s Workshop, in a box on the desk next to Yara’s map.

A woman on fire

Head to Tranquila Beach on the edge of the Cortina Peninsula to find a beachside woman enjoying her barbecue until she accidentally catches fire by applying oil to the grill.

Alternative end (spoiler alert)

On Yaran Island, successfully escape a naval blockade and Clara gives you 2 options to choose from. Either get on the boat and head to Miami or fight for Yaran’s freedom.

Choosing to leave for Miami, Clara gets killed in a fast-forward scene.


If you’ve been through the entire Far Cry 6 game and reached the end credits you’ll hear two characters talking to each other and one of them happens to be the already dead Vaas Montenegro or the Smuggler as the dialogues show.

Honorable mentions

During the cash scavenger hunt, there is a bunker in Aguas Lindas (Oasis Plains) where you will find a note on the desk next to some books and documents.

The note lists a few Assassin’s Creed weapons such as the Ancient Lance and a pair of hidden ancient blades.

There is also a reference to Far Cry 3, with a weapon called “Chinese knife”, with dragon iconography. Does this remind you of anything? Yes, the description of the knife matches that of the Vaas knife used in Far Cry 3.

You can also find a Starlink Starter Set at the back of the bunker on a shelf which is a clear reference to the game called Starlink: Battle for Atlas.


Far Cry 6: How to unlock the alternate ending



Far Cry 6: How to unlock the alternate ending

The latest games in the Far Cry license have the unfortunate tendency to include the ability to complete the game much faster than would be the case using classic progression. In Far Cry 5, all the player had to do was do nothing when Joseph had to be stopped at the very start of the game. In this case, after long minutes, the player was taken out of the area and Joseph could continue his petty traffic. without being worried by the police, end credits on the screen.

This originality is also present in Far Cry 6 even if it will take a little longer to have this possibility in the game. Do you want to unlock it? We explain everything you need to know, video support thanks to YouTuber Gun Itek, in order to unlock the “Hidden in full light” trophy.

Everyone has their own problems

When you disembark at the headquarters of Libertad (Libertad HQ), your new friends suggest that you leave with the boat left at your disposal as you had requested before helping them, or they continue to help them to overthrow Anton Castillo and his soldiers and thus free Yara.

While you just have to go talk to the Libertads to continue the classic adventure, if you turn after the cutscene to the boat and get in, you can take the waters towards Miami (west) and so trigger a special cutscene leading to end-game credits with an ending we won’t spoil for you, before returning to the Title Menu.

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New World: How to quickly reach the maximum level in woodcutting



New World: How to quickly reach the maximum level in woodcutting

Crafting is very important in New World. Wood is very important here as the material is used in a lot of recipes. We tell you in this article how you can quickly level your logging skills in order to get the necessary raw materials.

Why is wood so important? This resource is used almost everywhere in the game. Regardless of whether you want to forge weapons and make furniture at the workbench or take on missions at the city table: wood, or the more refined versions, are often in demand.

What types of wood exist in New World? At the moment there are 4 different tree species growing all over Aeternum. However, in order to be able to cut down the rarer trees, your lumberjack level must be high enough. In the following overview, you will find all the details about the different types of wood.

  • Fresh wood – degradable from “young trees”
    • Collectible from Lumberjack level 0
  • Aged Wood – Degradable from “Adult Trees”
    • Collectible from Lumberjack level 50
  • Wyrdwood – Degradable from “wyrdwood” trees
    • Collectible from lumberjack level 100
  • Tropical wood – Degradable from “tropical wood” trees
    • Collectible from Lumberjack level 175

Raise the level faster with the right tools

Are the tools that important? Yes, they are. The higher the quality of your tools, the faster you can cut trees. And the faster you can cut trees, the faster you gain experience per tree. Whenever possible, try to make or buy better tools.

Which lumberjack axes are the best? In this overview you will find the individual axes with their values ​​and when you can unlock them with your character level. We also list the recommended passive benefits.

  • Lumberjack ax – iron
    • Can be used from character level 5 – 1 passive possible.
    • “Lumberjack discipline” – More experience in logging.
  • Lumberjack ax – steel
    • Can be used from character level 17 – 2 passives possible.
    • “Lumberjack discipline” – More experience in logging.
    • “Lumberjack Yield” – Logging gains more raw materials.
  • Lumberjack ax – star metal
    • Can be used from character level 36 – 3 passives possible.
    • “Lumberjack discipline” – More experience in logging.
    • “Lumberjack Yield” – Logging gains more raw materials.
    • “Azoth Extraction” or “Lumberjack Luck” – The former gives you a chance to get Azoth after collecting, the other an increased chance of rare materials while you are chopping trees.
  • Lumberjack Ax – Orichalcum
    • Can be used from character level 52 – 3 passives possible.
    • “Lumberjack Yield” – Logging gains more raw materials.
    • “Azoth Extraction” – Chance of Azoth
    • “Lumberjack luck” – a chance for rare materials

Use this method to quickly level up Woodcutting

Increasing the woodcutting level is divided into different level zones.

  • From level 1 – 50:
    • Equip your axe and start chopping “Young Trees”.
    • In all starting areas, there are trees just outside the gates of the settlement.
    • If you are overloaded, run back and throw the wood into your camp or if you are in a particular hurry to level, just throw it on the ground and keep chopping.
  • From level 50 – 100:
    • Here you have to cut down as many “Mature Trees” as possible.
    • These give far more experience than “young trees”.
    • And here, too, the best places are right at the gates of the settlements. The denser the forest, the more “Mature Trees” you will find.
  • From level 100 – 175:
    • Now you can chop “Wyrmwood” trees, they light up light blue and give you a lot of experience.
    • As well as the trees, you can now also kill dryad wolves to mine wood. You can recognize the wolves by the light green cloud of poison that surrounds them.
    • We recommend that you mainly farm the dryad wolves, as they give you a lot of experience and are much faster to mine than the “wyrmwood” trees.
  • From level 175 – 200
    • Now you can mine everything and don’t really need to bother maximizing your woodcutting.
    • However, if you still want to go to 200, it is best to collect “tropical wood”.
    • Or keep chopping dryad wolves, as they are just as effective in terms of experience.

Further advantages that make leveling easier for you

Extra constitution brings bonuses: The more points you have sunk in the constitution in the attribute window, the more advantages you get when you cut trees.

  • 50 points or more = + 10% more logging speed
  • 200 points or more = another + 10% more speed when logging
  • 250 points or more = 10% more income from logging
  • 300 points or more = 25% chance of cutting down a tree in one fell swoop

Area call also plays a role. With the area call card “Collect” you can fell trees even faster and that in turn means you gain experience more quickly. If you mainly chop wood in an area, you can use this buff.

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New World: How to get faction tokens quickly and why you need them



New World: How to get faction tokens quickly and why you need them

In New World, there are 3 factions that fight for the dominance of the island. Each of them has its own faction shop where you can spend faction tokens. In this article, we will show you why it is worth collecting the tokens and, above all, where you can get them the fastest.

Which factions are in the game? At the moment (as of October 20, 2021) there are 3 factions that you can join. Each faction has its own representative color.

Why are brands so important? Each faction has a shop where you can exchange your faction tokens for strong equipment or materials. With level 60 you have full access to important things:

  • Rune of Holding
    • You can use these runes to make bags or storage boxes. In the course of the game you need more and more storage space , which is why these runes are also in demand later in the game.
  • Chisel
    • Every dungeon needs a key and to craft this you need the appropriate chisel from the faction dealer.
  • Equipment + weapons
    • Especially the level 60 equipment costs tons of faction tokens, but they are very strong. Until you completely stock up on legendary weapons and armor, you can wear them without hesitation.

How can I collect faction tokens? To collect tokens, you must complete faction missions. In every city, there is a representative of the 3 factions, where you can take on a variety of missions. However, there are two types:

  • PvE missions – safe but slow
    • Missions are scattered all over the area.
  • Advantage: You are undisturbed and safe on the road. Even if you pass out, you do not lose progress.
  • Disadvantage: fewer brands. Sometimes you lose a lot of time because you have to walk across the map to the mission location.
  • PvP Missions – High-Risk High Reward
    • Always the same missions. The 2 missions “Demonstration of Power” and “Infiltration” are almost identical for each faction, except for minimal differences. “Sabotage” is completely different – in one faction, for example, you have to chop wood, in the other, you have to hunt pigs. However, the effort is not particularly great.
  • Advantage: Tons of brands in a short time + always the same missions so that you know the places by heart.
  • Disadvantage: Potential danger of meeting players from other factions who prevent you from progressing. If you pass out (also from monsters), you also lose all progress and have to start over.

Collect tokens quickly with PvP in these areas

Tips & tricks before you start. The PvP missions give you a lot of tokens in a short time, but also bring dangers with them. So before you set out, we’ll give you some pointers along the way so that your chances of survival are increased.

  • Find a group – the more, the better, because together you are stronger
  • Use mobility weapons like a fire stick or hatchet, because sometimes running away is a good option
  • Pack potions and food so that you can use them in an emergency.
  • If you are not looking for a fight, lie down behind the bushes so that you will not be seen and you can wait until the danger is over.

These are the places where you can get the most faction tokens per minute: I ran around all areas for a full day, spamming faction missions and measuring the time.

  • Brackish water – 610 faction marks per minute
    • Duration ~ 9 min = 5510 faction tokens
    • Advantage: The best area in terms of price-performance ratio.
    • Disadvantage: The monsters/animals that you have to kill there are level 62+ and can especially heat up players below level 60.
  • Uniformity – 486 faction marks per minute
    • Duration ~ 9 min = 4377 faction tokens
    • Advantage: Although not as rewarding as brackish water, the paths are more manageable, so that you don’t have to stay active and focused to get to the mission area. Bit more pleasant
    • Disadvantage: Here, too, the monsters can grab very nasty things. For players below level 58 – do not overtax yourself.
  • Deep Gorge (East Brand Outpost) – 406 faction tokens per minute
    • Duration ~ 4.5 min = 2103 faction tokens
    • Advantage: Extremely short way to the mission area. Quickly done the missions
    • Disadvantage: Gives fewer faction tokens compared to other areas. In addition, the faction missions have a 5-minute cooldown, and that slows you down a bit.
  • Choppy coast – 391 faction tokens per minute
    • Duration ~ 10 minutes = 3911 brands
    • Pro: One of the most pleasant places to collect tokens. 95% of the time you just walk around and there are almost no obstacles here. I often do something else on the side while spamming PvP missions here.
    • Disadvantage: Unfortunately, the time-performance ratio is not quite as good as the previous options
  • Bruchberg – 502 faction tokens per minute (broken)
    • At the moment (as of October 22, 2021) unfortunately bugged – as soon as this is fixed we will update this article

Collect even more faction tokens with area reputation. In the area where you often collect tokens, you can choose the area buff for more faction tokens. That gives again a lot of bonus on top of that.

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