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Far Cry 6: Fast Forward Time – Can you change the time of day?



Far Cry 6: Fast Forward Time - Can you change the time of day?

Like all modern open-world games, Far Cry 6 has a day-night cycle in which the time of day changes slowly. But can you fast-forward the time to quickly switch between day and night? We answer this question for you.

Changing the time of day in Far Cry 6 – is that possible?

The quick answer right up front: There is no way to fast-forward the time in the game or to change the time of day to a specific time.

You won’t find this feature, which is found in almost every game of this type today, in Far Cry 6. You are doomed to wait if, for example, you prefer to play during the day or sneak through the enemy bases at night.

It also doesn’t work if you make a fast trip to another point on the map, for example, the in-game time is not affected, even if this is extremely unrealistic.

So if you want to play at a different time of day, you have to go to AFK. Stand in a safe place (e.g. in one of the headquarters) and put the controller down or move away from the PC. Do not go to the pause menu to let the time pass in the game, otherwise, it will not continue.

While you wait, unlock the hidden ending in Far Cry 6. You can do this at any time!

This developer decision is a bit strange as there is sometimes even content in the game that requires a certain time of the day. For example, one of the mythical animals in the game only appears at night, so you have to wait here.

Unfortunately, there is also no bed or the like in the various headquarters in the game where you can rest or sleep to let the time go by. And loading the last automatic save does not change the time of day.

So it’s best to do other things in the game world until your desired time in the game is reached. Take, for example, FND bases, destroy anti-aircraft systems or go in search of the rare ones Triada relics.

There is also no clock that shows you the specific time in Far Cry 6. Did you find a way to fast-forward the time in the game?

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