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Far Cry 6: Money Reserve – Treasure Hunt Solution (Unlock Sobek Special)



Far Cry 6: Money Reserve - Treasure Hunt Solution (Unlock Sobek Special)

In Far Cry 6’s “Geldreserve” treasure hunt, you are supposed to find a confiscated treasure in Bunker 2 and you have to cut the power to open the bunker door.

Disconnect the electricity and find treasure in bunker 2

To solve the treasure hunt, you should recover the confiscated treasure. This is located in Bunker 2, which you can find a little further north in the search area. However, first, climb onto the roof of the building in front of Bunker 2. On the east side, you will find a ladder for this.

On the roof, you can see a generator whose line leads to Bunker 2. There is a switch to the left of it. If you press this, the bunker door opens but closes again shortly afterward. In order for it to remain open permanently, you have to interrupt the power.

So press the switch and quickly shoot any weapon through the gap in the open bunker door. Behind it there are explosives that explode when fired and thus interrupt the electricity. This will open the roof hatch over the bunker, through which you can now gain access.

In the bunker, you first have to open the floor hatch and climb down. Then follow the path to a storage room. Shoot the lock of the lattice door here and grab the key to the officers’ room, which is hanging on the shelf behind it.

With this, you can open the locked officer’s room. Use the hidden switch at the bottom of the desk with the TV on to move the bookshelf. Open the weapon box in the secret room to complete the treasure hunt.

By the way, as a reward for the treasure hunt, you will receive the unique sniper rifle “Sobek-Spezial” from the weapon box.

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