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Far Cry 6: A Flood – Treasure Hunt Solution (Unlock Camo Quinceañera)



Far Cry 6: A Flood - Treasure Hunt Solution (Unlock Camo Quinceañera)

In the treasure hunt “A Flood” in Far Cry 6 you should open the storage room of the village of Yarabi and have press switches in a certain order

Solution for “A Flood”

You can start the treasure hunt “A Flood” in the small town of Yarabi on the south coast of Sierra Perdida in the El Este region. Read the note next to the building with the yellow door to start the treasure hunt.

Solve the puzzles with the boats and open the storage room

After reading the note, your task is to open the storage room in the house. To do this, you should look for boats in the village that are named after five legends. The numbers next to the boats give you an indication of the order in which you have to press the buttons in the house in order to unlock the door to the storage room.

There are five counters in the house with the names of the boats above them. Should you slip away, you can use the lever next to the storage room to reset the puzzle. The correct key sequence is as follows:

El Tigre Del Mar (1) → Papi Chulo (2) → El Lucky (3) → Clarita (4) → Roja Victoria (5)

The following pictures show you the correct order again:

How do you come up with the solution? In the search area all over the village of Yarabi, you can discover a total of five boats with names that are also on the signs in the house. With every boat, you will also find numbers that give you a reference to the code.

However, there are additional special characters on the two boats. You have to interpret this as follows:

  • El Tigre Del Mar (1): 1st position
  • Papi Chulo (≠ 5): The position of this boat is not equal to 5 and since three other boats have a fixed number, Papi Chulo can only be in the 2nd position.
  • El Lucky (3): 3rd position
  • Clarita (4): 4th position
  • Roja Victoria (> 3): The position of this boat is greater than 3 and since Clarita already has the fixed number 4, Roja Victoria can only be in 5th position.

As a reward for the treasure hunt, you can loot the unique “Camo Quinceañera” rifle from the box in the open storage room. This is a modified version of the standard M16 A1 rifle.

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