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Far Cry 6: All 15 USB sticks – Locations of all songs for the car radio



Far Cry 6: All 15 USB sticks - Locations of all songs for the car radio

We give you the location of all the USB drives that unlock songs that are scattered throughout the Far Cry 6 map.

One of the collectibles that we can find throughout our adventure to Far Cry 6 is a kind of USB memory that each of them has assigned a name, and that unlocks a song.

In total we have 15 USB drives scattered around the map and they are unmissable, you could even find them after passing the game.

To make it much easier for you to locate them, we tell you where are all the USB memories with songs in Far Cry 6 and we also help you with a map.

Where are all the USB with songs in Far Cry 6

First, we expose you to the map with the situation of each of the USB memories:

  • The first is inside a building of Viviro Nueve in the southeast of Sanctuary Island.
  • Another is found in the western region of Madrugada on a table in the Ocaso marina.
  • We located her in a garbage container in Mambo’s hideout.
  • We located it on the roof of the control tower at the FDA Olympia airbase.
  • In the city of Verdera right on a table outside a building
  • Already inside the Valley of Gold, which is the central area, we located this memory in a gas station tucked inside a laptop on the counter
  • Another was found in a dumpster in a parking lot.
  • On the roof of Orquídea Villa climbing up the vines behind the villa
  • As a reward for finishing the treasure hunt
  • Already inside the eastern region in an underground bunker. As soon as you get to the area you will see a building with a red radio tower, we enter the bunker through a staircase until we reach the room where we find the USB
  • We located it in the courtyard behind a wooden house
  • Inside a log cabin in the city of Cursed climbing a ladder
  • In the guardhouse right at the entrance of the FND’s southern shipyards base
  • Already in Esperanza in the northern region of the map, in the guerrilla hideout called Mechanical Mercury on a table
  • On the balcony where you started the story where you selected whether to play a male or female character during the first scene, it will only appear when you get here later, you will not see it in the prologue

Once you have found all of them we will unlock the That’s My Jam achievement or trophy.

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