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Where are all the mythical animals in Far Cry 6 – locations



Where are all the mythical animals in Far Cry 6 - locations

We tell you where exactly all the mythical and exotic animals are in Far Cry 6 so that you can get the necessary resources to obtain special equipment.

As in previous iterations of the license, in Far Cry 6, we will also have to find a series of rare or exotic animals scattered throughout the game map that will grant us exclusive resources and also unpublished equipment for the character.

Although we do not have many, we can find up to four unique animals that will appear in the game in very specific places, and killing each of them will provide you with an exclusive item that you can later redeem.

On the other hand, if you also manage to hunt all four, you will get a very interesting achievement or trophy for your collection, so it is well worth finding them.

Where are all the mythical animals in Far Cry 6 – locations

First, we offer you a general map where you can find them, simply approach this area at the specific time that we are going to point out so you can fight against them.


It is a wild boar that you can find at the northern end of Sanctuary Island and you can get its special tusks to later exchange them.


It is a mutated alligator found in the hazardous waste area at the western end of the Gold Valley and if you kill it it will drop leather that you can later exchange for a special vest.


It is a jaguar that you can only find at night and that is located in the extreme south of the El Este region, and thanks to its resources you can get new equipment for your character.

Demon dogs

It is a white wolf and a black wolf that is located north of the early morning area. Thanks to its resources you will get special shoes and a wristband.

So with this, you already have the location of all the mythical and exotic animals in Far Cry 6 so you can use their resources and obtain special equipment.

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