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Acceleration in Metroid Dread and how to complete it 100%



Acceleration in Metroid Dread and how to complete it 100%

Acceleration will be the eighth part that we will overcome during the history of Metroid Dread. Throughout this guide, we will tell you how to complete each area as you progress, just as we will tell you when you can return to any area to finish it completely.

After exploring the Burenia area for the first time, we will return to Dairon looking for Acceleration, the next skill we need to be able to advance in ZDR. We go to the right, by the only possible way. You will arrive at an EMMI zone. This time it is somewhat simpler because the bug will hear you worse while you are in the water. The exit you are looking for is directly above the door through which you entered, you will have to make a detour.

You are still in the EMMI zone! But it’s still straightforward at this point. You have to go left and go up to the upper left corner. From there, go right until you reach another Central Unit that you must defeat. Again, you will have the Omega Ray to eliminate the EMMI from this area.

Once you are done with it, you will get Acceleration, the ability we have been looking for. Watch out for the tutorial, especially the Comet technique. It’s pretty simple, you press the L button while running, and when Samus does the dash, push the stick down. Samus will turn purple, now you press B and the stick e the direction you want to load. This allows you to destroy blocks with cracks.

Start by using the Comet technique on the east exit of the EMMI zone, to break up the cracked block. You will end up slamming into the far right of the area, near the ammo reloading station.

It is impossible that you did not see the collectible in the previous room. Go back to where you destroyed the first wall and pick up Power Module # 04.

Now go back to the extreme right of the area. You can reach a new area, go up and you will see a missile tank that you will not be able to catch. However, if you get into the conduit to its left, you can blow up the tunnel with bombs to clear a path and keep climbing.

If you keep moving forward, you will return to the EMMI zone, but to a part that you did not know. In the end, use the Kite Up technique and you will be hanging from a blue ceiling. If you look at the map, you will see that you have an energy tank just below it. Grab it, it’s power tank # 04.

We are going to go to the extreme right of the map, just to the room that is to the left of the transport that leads to Cataris. We are going to place ourselves to the right of the statue, under the boxes with the arrow.

The idea is to use the Comet technique from under the boxes and aiming at the ceiling. This will make you pop all the ones on the way and you can climb up the upper left part of the room. it’s completely impossible for you not to see missile tank # 13.

For now, we will not explore further. We will leave the cleaning of collectibles for when we can reach everyone, and we will tell you where to find those who are in our way, without much devotion. Grab the yellow teleport to Artaria, let’s go find the Hitch Lightning.

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