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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How Picnic Works



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How Picnic Works

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a new Picnic System that is used to connect with your caught Pokemon in the game. Players will learn the basics of the Picnic System at the start of the game and then they can use it at any time in the game. Picnic is very useful in many ways and players can enhance their friendship level with the Pokemon.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Picnic Works in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Players can deploy a Picnic on a flat surface in any place in the world. They can start a Picnic in the wild, in the desert, in the snow, in the city, and in the town. Whenever players feel like they need to have a Picnic with their Pokemon, they can just press the X button to open the menu and they will see an option for Picnic. Selecting the Picnic option will deploy a Picnic Table in front and all of the Pokemon will come out of the Poke Balls.

Players would be able to see their Pokemon running around and playing with each other. Players can also walk to each Pokemon and interact with them to pet them and it’ll increase their friendship with them. Although there are some main things that players want to do when they start the Picnic.

Make Sandwiches

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allow players to eat food which is mainly Sandwiches. Players can eat Sandwiches by preparing them on the picnic Table. To make the Sandwich, players just need to interact with the table and it will initiate the making of the Sandwich where you get to see the Recipe Mode. In recipe mode, there are hundreds of different sandwiches but players will be able to make the ones that are unlocked or they can just make their own sandwich with different ingredients to enjoy it.

Sandwiches have different buffs that players can get for a period of time and these different buffs can help players at different points in the game. You can see all the effects of the sandwiches in the Recipe Mode as well and you can prepare a sandwich by selecting a sandwich recipe and then placing all of the ingredients on the bun perfectly. Be careful because ingredients can slip through the bread and it will decrease the quality of the Sandwich so, carefully place the ingredients on the bread so they don’t slip. In the end, just place the bread on the top to complete the sandwich and the whole party to enjoy it.

Wash Pokemon

You can also wash your Pokemon during the picnic. Pokemon do get dirty throughout the journey and if they are low on HP then washing and cleaning them will fill up their HP as well. You just need to interact with the Pokemon and you’ll get to use the soap on them. Rub the soap on the Pokemon and when you think they are clean, press the Y button to switch to the shower to clean them completely. It will increase the friendship level as well between the players and the Pokemon. Increasing the Friendship Level at a certain point also results in evolving of the Pokemon.

Find Eggs

You can also find Pokemon Eggs during the Picnic and you’ll be able to collect them. Collecting the Pokemon Eggs is a part of Pokemon breeding so, when you are watching all of your Pokemon playing around the picnic table, keep an eye out for the eggs sometimes you can also find eggs in the basket right next to the Picnic table.

You can also do the Picnic with your friends if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You’ll be able to invite your friend to the party and start a Picnic with them.

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