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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to get to Level 100



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to get to Level 100

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a leveling system in the game for Pokemon which basically indicates the level of each Pokemon so players get the idea of how strong is the Pokemon. Players start from the level 5 Pokemon at the start of the game and then as they progress through the game, they will catch high-level Pokemon. At the end of the game, the maximum level required for beating the game is 61+ but is there a way to level up your top Pokemon to level 100 then the answer is yes and it’ll only take a grinding of a couple of hours.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get your Pokemon to level 100 in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Getting to Level 100

Getting to a higher level will require players to engage in battle and other activities very often to get EXP and once they have defeated the main story of the game, they should have more than 61 levels. Maybe around 63 or 64. Completing the Story requires players to get all 8 badges and defeat all of the Titans to get the Champion Badge and then the credit will roll and the game will end. The players can still explore and grind in the game even after ending the game because there are also end-game materials and items that players can get after ending the game.

To grind your Pokemon to Level 100, there are a couple of methods that you can do. One of the methods that you can do is to defeat the Chansey in the North Province (Area Three). The other method is to raid in 5-Star Tera Raid Battles. Both of these methods will give you an insane amount of experience points that will increase your level up to 100.

Method 1

For the first method, you need to do some preparation. The things that you need to have is a number of Ham Sandwiches and a Lucky Egg. Ham Sandwiches are made with the following ingredients.

  • Pickles
  • Ham
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise

All of these ingredients can be bought from the shops in Mesagoza city. You can buy Pickles from the shop named Sure Cans and the rest of the ingredients can be bought from the Artisan Bakery. Both of these shops are close to each other in Mesagoza on the west side. Make sure to buy the number of these ingredients because a buff of 1 Ham Sandwich stays for 30 minutes and you need to battle the Chansey for about an hour or two. So, make sure to get at least 10 numbers of each ingredient.

Once you have the ingredients, open the map and fly to the North Province (Area Three). Go ahead to the flat surface and open the menu by pressing the X button and selecting the option Picnic. Now, you need to select the number 80 sandwich in your recipe mode which will be the Ham Sandwich. Now, place the ham on the bread then the Pickles, and in the end, place the top bread on them to make the Ham Sandwich.

Eating the sandwich will give you the Normal Encounter power which will spawn more Chansey in the area. The Effect will stay for 30 minutes and before you go and fight the Chansey, the last thing that you need to do is hold the Lucky Egg on your Pokemon. After that, you just need to get close to Chansey and do the manual battle which can be done by pressing the ZL button to aim and then pressing the ZR button to throw the Pokemon at Chansey to engage him.

Now, you just need to defeat every Chansey you see, and defeating every Chansey will give you around 9,000 Exp to 11,000 Exp. You need to farm them until your 30 minutes of the Sandwich effect is over and then make another sandwich and repeat the whole process to level up your Pokemon to level 100. It’ll take you about 2 to 3 hours to reach level 100 from the 60 levels.

Method 2

The second method is to raid in 5-Star Tera Battles which are unlocked by beating the game for the first time. Once you have defeated the game, the 5-Star Tera Raid Battles will be unlocked in the world and you just need to take part in the battle to get the Exp Candies rewards. The Exp Candies will be the only rewards you’ll be taking the part in the battles for because the battle experience points will remain the same and you’ll get a couple of thousand experience points from the battle. But the Exp Candies will give you the experience points that you deserve to get to level 100.

Since the 5-Star Tera Battles are harder than the low-level Tera Battles, you need to party up with a group who knows what they are doing because you don’t want to lose in the battle and waste your time. If you have friends playing then squad up with your friends and then take part in the Battle. Defeat the Mysterious Pokemon in the battle and then you’ll get Exp Candies as the reward.

You need to take part in several 5-Star Tera Battles and once you’ve got around 30 Exp Candies in your inventory. Go into the menu and open the bag and go to the Other Items tab to see all the Exp Candies in your inventory. The Exp Candy L will give you 10,000 Exp each so if you have 30x Exp Candy then you’ll get 300,000 Exp in one time when you use all of them. You can hold the Lucky Egg in the hand of the Pokemon before you use the Exp Candies on that pokemon to get a bonus experience bonus as well.

Every Exp Candy will give you a different amount of Exp so use all of them after you’ve completed your run on the 5-Star Tera Battles. It’ll take you some time to get to level 100 but you’ll be getting hundreds of thousands of experience points at once by going through this method.


Crime Boss: Rockay City – How to Recruit Team/Allies



Recruit Team

You will have to take down different Gang territories in Crime Boss: Rockay City which will require you to have allies on your back. If you are playing the campaign alone then you will have to retrieve the AI Allies in your missions to help you out. Without the Allies, you will not be able to take down the opposition gang members from interfering in your becoming “The King” vision of Rockay City.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Recruit Allies in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Recruiting Team/Allies

Crime Boss: Rockay City has a Co-op feature in which players can play with other real players to take down the other gangsters in the city. Playing with your friends will help you a lot more in missions of taking the turfs from the gangs or doing the robberies. However, if you are playing alone, you will have to recruit a team of Ais. There are a number of Ais that you can recruit in your team to help you out in the missions of the campaign but it will cost you a lot of money.

For the main missions like attacking the turfs or robbing a store or bank, you will be required to have at least four players. If you are alone, you will be playing as an AI or the main protagonist, Travis Baker. You will have to keep alive Travis Baker because if he dies, your run will be over and you will have to restart the run from the start.

Now, in order to recruit the Team, you will have to follow the following steps.

  • Go to the TEAM Tab when you are in your safe house.
  • Select the available characters in the TEAM menu.
  • Now, you will have to hire the rest of the Team from the available characters for hire menu.
  • Each character will cost a certain amount of money.
  • Select the character and hold the click button on it to hire.
  • You can also refresh the characters but it will cost extra money and each time you refresh the characters, the money will increase.
Hire AIs in TEAM Tab

Once you have the team of 4 characters ready for a mission, you will see the Start Mission option unlock at the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind, you cannot start the mission if your team is not filled or not ready for the mission. Sometimes, your AI Team might be away and you will have to wait for them to come back for which you have to end the day as well.

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Terra Nil – How to Create the Forest Biome



Forest Biome

There are a number of biomes that players will have to repopulate on each map of the game. Biomes are the main goals of each map and after completing the initial goals, you will unlock the biome goals that you will have to complete. One of the biomes that players will have to create is the Forest which is essential for calling certain animals.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create the Forest Biome in Terra Nil.

Creating the Forest Biome

The Forest Biome is among the trickiest biomes to create because it can only be populated on Nutritious Ash Tiles. As the map’s soil will be dull and when you clean the soil, it will not contain any Nutrition. However, if you planted some Fynbos Flowers, it will spread some nutrition on the tiles that can be used to turn them into a forest. Now, in order to plant the Fynbos Flowers, you will have to create Fynbos Biome which can only be done by Beehive tool.

Once you have made enough of Fynbos Biome, it will unlock a new tool named “Solar Amplifier”. Solar Amplifier is one of the Tier 2 Buildings and it will cost 30 Leaves to plant. It needs electricity to work so, you will have to place it in the vacancy of the Turbine. Make sure that the Turbine is also near the Fynbos Biome so, you can target it when the Solar Amplifier is installed.

Click the Solar Amplifier and then select the area of the Fynbos Biome to start a fire. After selecting the area where you want to start a fire, it will turn the Fynbos Biome and the near area of the biome into Ash Tiles and you will see certain tiles on which you will be able to place another tool named “Arboretum” Arboretum can be placed on the Husks of the burnt buildings and it will create a forest in its surrounding by using the Nutritious Ash Tiles.

Arboretum Tool

You can place it on all of the burnt buildings in the required area to turn it into the Forest Biome. For the rest of the area, you can use the Irrigator to grow greenery again and start installing the other buildings.

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Terra Nil – How to Create Wetlands Biome



Wetlands Biome

The Wetlands Biome is one of the biomes that players will have to repopulate on different maps of the game. As you complete the starting tasks of the map, you will unlock new quests of populating the map with a certain percentage of different biomes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create the Wetlands Biome in Terra Nil.

Creating Wetlands Biome

The Wetlands Biome can only be repopulated near the water area and it should be on a low level. Meaning, if there is a tile that is near the water but the surface is higher, then the Wetlands will not be able to populate there. You can only populate the Wetlands Biome on a low level near the Water. In order to start creating the Wetlands Biome, you will be required a tool named “Hydroponium”. Players will have to unlock the Hydroponium tool either by completing the starting tasks on the game or growing greenery on almost all of the map.

When you unlock the tasks for biomes, you will also unlock several tools under Tier 2 Buildings. The starting tools will only show under the Tier 1 Buildings which can be seen by pressing the 1 Key on the Keyboard. In order to view the Tier 2 Buildings, press the 2 Button on the Keyboard. The Tier 2 Buildings are specifically for the biomes and you will unlock Hydroponium under Tier 2 buildings.

Hydroponium Tool

The Hydroponium Tool can only be planted on Irrigator which is on a low level near the water. Now, if you have placed some of the Irrigator near the water on a low level, then you can place the Hydroponium on the Irrigator to start turning the Green Land into a Wetlands Biome. It will cover a certain area in the Wetlands Biome. The Hydroponium tool costs 50 Leaves and if you don’t have an Irrigator on a low level near the water, then you will have to plant some irrigator tools near the water on the map. After that, place the required number of Hydroponium tools on Irrigator to complete the Wetlands Biome task.

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