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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Larvitar



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Larvitar

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet include around 400 Pokemons in the world and they both have their exclusive Pokemons as well that players can catch and put in their army. One of the Pokemon that is in the world of Scarlet is Larvitar which players can catch pretty early in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Larvitar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Larvitar is a Ground and Rock Type Pokemon which is a bit difficult to catch because players will need to increase their encounter rate for Ground and Rock-type pokemon. Such encounter rate can be increased by eating a sandwich so players will need to eat a sandwich before encountering Larvitar in order to catch it.

Location of Larvitar

Larvitar is one of the rarely seen Pokemons in the game and the locations that they can be found in the Caves but they like the shade so you might see them out in the wild near the shade. After completing the Prologue of the game, you’ll get the Pokedex app on your Phone which can be used to see the exact location of Larvitar Pokemon.

Location of Larvitar

The starting area of the game in the Scarlet version is Mesagoza and there is a spawn rate of Larvitar Pokemon near the Mesagoza location which players can go to and catch it early in the game. If you see at the Pokedex, you’ll see three orange blocks in the Southeast of Mesagoza and that is where players can catch it early in the game.

Catching Larvitar

Once you’ve made your way to the area where Larvitar is found. You might not see him at first but you need to start running around in the area which will show the Pokemon near you on the mini-map and when you cross near Larvitar or get close to Larvitar, you’ll see it on the Mini-map.

After locating Larvitar, go near to see its level and if the level is high then you might want to fight it in order to catch it but if the level is not that high and your level is close to its level then just throw the Poke ball on Larvitar and it’ll catch it.

Catching Larvitar

Catch Larvitar in Violet Version

If you are playing the Violet Version then you’ll not find Larvitar in the Violet world of Pokemon but you can catch it if your friend has the Scarlet Version. You need to get invited by your friend in the Scarlet world and if you are both in the Scarlet world then you’ll be able to go to the locations where Larvitar can be found to catch it.

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