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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Change the Nature of Pokemon using Mints



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Change the Nature of Pokemon using Mints

Players who have been playing Pokemon games for many time will have an idea about the nature of the Pokemon and the ninth generation Pokemon games (Scarlet and Violet) also have the nature mechanic. Every Pokemon has different nature and their growth and stats are dependent on nature so if the players want to change the base stats then they would have to change the Nature which can be done by using the specific Mints.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can change the Nature of Pokemon using Mints in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Nature of Pokemon

Every Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet is different in Nature and their Growth and Stats are dependent on nature as well. Every Nature has a boosted stat as well as a weakened stat that will influence the growth of the Pokemon. There are 25 different Natures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and every time players catch a Pokemon, it would be of a random Nature. Players can see the Nature of the Pokemon by opening the main menu and then selecting the Pokemon and going into its Summary. Then change the tabs to “Memories” to see the Nature typewritten in the first sentence.

Nature of Pokemon

If you look closely at the graph in the Moves and Stats tab, you’ll see an upward arrow which indicates the buff according to nature, and a downward arrow which indicates the nerf according to nature. All the Nature has different buff and nerf so changing the nature of the Pokemon will also change the Buff and Nerf in the stats.


Players who want to build the stats of the Pokemon according to their preference will have to change the nature of the Pokemon which can be done by using the specific Mints. Although the Mint does not completely change the Nature of the Pokemon, it only changes the base stats of the Pokemon and gives the buff and nerf as the other nature of which the mint is used. As there are 25 Natures, there are also 25 different Mints and players can use the specific Mint according to the base stats that they want for their Pokemon.

However, players will not be able to change the base stats of the Pokemon from the start. They will have to progress in the story of the game and after completing the requirement for Mints, they will be available at the Pharmacy. The players will have to progress in the Victory Road Path and obtain 6 Gym Leader Badges. The players can obtain random badges and once they have 6 badges, they will be able to get the Mints from the Pharmacy shop in different areas.

The Pharmacy shops are in different towns and cities, and one of the nearest Pharmacies that players can find after getting 6 Gym Leader Badges is in the Montenevera. Fly to Montenevera and you will find a shop with green boards at the start of the city. Go inside the Chansey Supply Shop and if you go down in the list, you will start seeing all kinds of Mints that can be used to change the base stats. The price of all the Mints is listed as 20,000 Poke Coins. You can buy the Mints that you want from the shop and then you would be able to change the base stats of the Pokemon.

Changing Nature

To change the base stats of the Pokemon, all you have to do is buy the Mint that has a base stat of another nature, and then you need to use the Mint and give it to the Pokemon of your choice. To do that, just open the bag, go to the other items and you will see the Mint in the list. Select and choose to use it and then select the Pokemon from the list.

Changing Nature

After using the Mint, open the summary of that Pokemon and you will see that the Buff and the Nerf in the stats will be changed and now your Pokemon will grow similarly to the nature of those stats.

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