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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: What is STAB and How it Works



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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series has different Terastral mechanics from the previous series and the player who plays Pokemon competitively will consider the new mechanics more seriously but casual players can also learn a basic of Terastral mechanics. One of the most basic terms that are used in combat in Pokemon is STAB and it is important to learn how STAB works in the game to get different combat bonuses.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is STAB and how it works in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


STAB is one of the game’s most useful mechanics in combat and only very few players of Pokemon actually know about this Mechanic. The players who play Pokemon games Competitively will know about the STAB mechanic. The casual players of Pokemon games can also learn the basic concept of STAB to gain advantages in the battles. STAB in Pokemon is an abbreviation that stands for Same-Type Attack Bonus. Now, this mechanic is very useful when it comes to combat in the game and as players take on different levels of Pokemon in the Battles, they can utilize the attacks of their Pokemon to get additional attack bonuses.

How STAB Works

STAB is a mechanic used in combat in Pokemon games that stands for Same-Type Attack Bonus which actually means that if you use an attack in the battle and that attack is the same type of your Pokemon who is doing the attack, you will get a slight attack bonus on the damage. This will give you a 1.5x multiplier on top of the original Power that the attack has. Meaning, if you have selected a Fire Type Pokemon and you are using an attack that is Fire Type as well, the base attack power of that attack will increase by 1.5x. So, if you are dealing with an enemy with 100 damage, using the same type of attack will increase the 100 base attack power to 150 base attack power, giving you an attack bonus.

The STAB mechanic can also be used on the move which is the same type as the Tera Type of your Pokemon. Meaning, if you have a Pokemon whose Tera Type is Grass Type but originally, it’s a Fire Type Pokemon and you have a Grass Type attack then changing the Tera Type of Pokemon to Grass Type and then using the Grass Type Attack will also give you the 1.5x attack bonus, dealing more damage to the enemy.

Players can teach different types of Attacks to their Pokemon as they level them up and evolve them. Unlocking new and different Tera Types of Pokemon will let you use most of the same types of attacks and ultimately give the attack bonus. Players can use all of these techniques in the story of the game to master the battles and then if the players want to play the game competitively then they will not find it hard to compete with other competitors.

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