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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find Gold Bottle Caps



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find Gold Bottle Caps

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many materials in the game that are used for different purposes. All of these materials can be used in some sort of recipe or used to get a buff on Pokemon. One of the rarest items in the game is Gold Bottle Cap which works similarly to the normal Bottle Caps but is much harder to get.

In this guide, we’ll tell where to find Gold Bottle Caps in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Finding Gold Bottle Caps

Gold Bottle Cap is very rare and it can only be found at one location after you have completed the main story of the game. After the game has finished and credits are rolled out, the Gold Caps will go up for Auction in Porto Marinda. Porto Marinda is on the West side of Paldea and players can get many rare items from this place by placing the highest bid.

Since the auction items are all random so players would have to wait for the required item to come on the auction. Similarly, you would have to wait for the Gold Caps to be on the auction, and then you will be able to get it by participating in the bidding sequence. The Bidding is between you and two random NPCs and the bidding for Gold Caps will start from 100,000 Poke Coins. You can raise the bid by selecting the two amounts in the dialogue box when you get your turn or you can select “I’ll Pass for now” to not select the bid and let others raise the bid.

If you think the bidding price is exceeding from the money you actually have then you can also select the option “I Withdraw” in which you will get out of the bidding and not lose the money. So, in order to bid for Gold Cap, make sure you have at least a Million Poke Coins because the bid can go for longer, and sometimes the NPCs are just stubborn to back off from the bidding.

You just have to go along with the bidding and when both of the bidders have backed off then you will get the Gold Caps from the auction. There might be a chance that Gold Caps are added as a reward in the Post-Game tournaments in future updates but for now, there is only one way to get the Gold Caps in the game. It works exactly the same as the Bottle Caps, so you can just get the normal Bottle Caps and Hyper Train your Pokemon to increase its stats.

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