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Pokemon sword/shield director sends a message to Pokemon sword/shield fans



Pokemon sword/shield director delivers his message to Pokemon sword/shield fans

Pokemon sword and shield outsold Ultrasun and Ultramoon in japan. Today the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Shigeru Ohmori opens up on the success of Pokemon sword/shield.

Here is the message of Shigeru Ohmori for the Pokemon sword/shield fans

“Are you enjoying your journey in the Galar region?

Everyone, are you tackling the gyms in your path to become the Champion? Also, I’m wondering if you are enjoying your time in the Wild Area where many Pokemon appear?

The Galar region was an idea conceived by many members of our development team. We wanted to make this a game all kinds of people could enjoy, regardless of their play style.

I hope you will cooperate with your friends and other trainers from around the world in Max Raid Battles, have fun in camps and try visiting other tents, and enjoy the various ways of playing the games through online and local play with your friends!”

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