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Smash Bros. ultimate fighter could be hidden in Nintendo’s latest prize pack



Smash Bros. ultimate fighter could be hidden in Nintendo's latest prize pack

Here we get interesting news from the official Nintendo of America website. These are related to a new set of Christmas raffles that the company is preparing for the next few days and that could be offering us details about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate .

Specifically, it is believed that this campaign could be advancing the announcement of a new fighter for the game, something that would occur at the 2019 Game Awards in the same way that happened with Joker last year. This is believed so because, in the name of the daily packs that Nintendo raffles, we can read a very special one on the day these awards are held.

On December 12, it features a pack called “A New Prize Has Appeared,” a phrase that corresponds to the structure of the slogan with which Nintendo reveals new Super Smash Bros. characters. The fact that he has that name and that Just that pack coincides with the day of the Game Awards has made this speculation spread.

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