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Rise of the Ronin: All Gonzo Choices – Spare or Kill



Rise of the Ronin: All Gonzo Choices – Spare or Kill

Rise of the Ronin makes the players difficult choices from time to time in the story which can help players make bonds with some of the strongest characters which will let them join as allies in future battles or lose them forever requiring players to make their own path. One of the difficult choices that is mandatory is selecting which Blade Twin dies and which one survives during the Prologue chapter of the game.

This choice practice will follow players almost throughout their playthrough where they will get to meet with certain NPCs and allow them to grow bonds with them or leave them for good. One of the similar choices that players will encounter earlier in the game is after defeating Gonzo, the first main boss that players need to defeat to get into Yokohama City.

Players will be provided with two options here including either kill him or spare him. Choosing any option will indefinitely let players enter the city but the events in the future might be different depending on the choice. Keep on reading this guide to learn what benefits you can get from both killing and sparing Gonzo earlier in the game.

All Gonzo Choices in Rise of the Ronin

At the end of the first main mission “Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises”, players will get to engage in a boss battle with Gonzo while allied with an eccentric Ronin named Ryoma Sakamoto. The boss fight itself isn’t hard as he can be tackled pretty easily by switching to Ryoma Sakamoto and using his revolver to deal damage to him from a safe distance. While his attention is on Ryoma, you can switch back to the main character to use Martial Arts to deal extensive damage.

Once you have defeated Gonzo, a cutscene will start during you will get two main choices which include either killing him or sparing him. Killing Gonzo at the moment can earn you various rewards but sparing him might be the best option as you will be able to earn all the rewards later down the road.

Here are all the benefits you get from Killing and Sparing Gonzo in Rise of the Ronin.

Kill Choice for Gonzo

Upon making the initial dialogue selection, you will get two primary options for Gonzo’s fate. Here, if you select the choice with the “(Kill him)” option, you will kill Gonzo and claim the following rewards.

  • Bandit Chief’s Odachi
  • “Merciless” Title
  • Jigen-Ryu Combat Style
  • Storehouse Key
  • Resources

Out of all the rewards, the Storehouse Key can also be obtained by sparing Gonzo as it is tied to the main mission which will allow you to access the Storehouse down on the right of the building in which you will get the Glider contraption from the chest.

Spare Choice for Gonzo

Selecting the first choice after the initial dialogue choice will let you spare the life of Gonzo for which in return you will get the Storehouse Key. At this moment, you will get nothing else but later in the story, you will get to meet Gonzo during The Bad Bunch side quest. Go to the location of the side quest on the map and speak with the NPC to assist your help.

Follow along the side quest to reach a location where you will get to encounter Gonzo once again. Here, you will get to make the same choice of killing him or sparing him. Choose to spare him again and then make your way to the location of Suspicious Men. Kill all of the enemies in the area and Gonzo will become your ally allowing you to increase your bond with him.

As you increase your bond level with Gonzo, you will unlock all the rewards that you get from killing Gonzo earlier in the game.

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