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Rise of the Ronin: How to Fast Travel



Rise of the Ronin: How to Fast Travel

The world map in Rise of the Ronin is quite big and divided into three main urban areas which include Edo, Yokohama, and Kyoto that players will get to explore as they progress in the main story. Due to its open-world aspect, players can free roam around the world map as they please and find several NPCs that will assist them with various services, side quests, and much more.

However, not everything is close such as certain NPCs that provide exclusive services like Technology Development by Igashichi Iizuka, a scientist who makes contraptions and can help you upgrade them that nobody else can. Therefore, you might have to return to him from time to time to keep your contraptions upgraded.

Traversing on foot or horses can be tiring as it can take you several minutes to reach far places but it can be done instantly with the fast traveling system in Rise of the Ronin. The Fast Traveling system in Rise of the Ronin is accessed by the checkpoints known as Veiled Edge Banners that are scattered around the world map. To traverse instantly from one urban area to the next, you must lift up those banners and this guide will show you exactly how you can do that and use them for fast traveling.

How to Fast Travel in Rise of the Ronin

Fast Traveling in Rise of the Ronin is done by raising the Veiled Edge Banners that are scattered all over the world map. These banners have a logo of “White X” which can be raised by holding the R1 button. However, not all banners can be easily raised as some of the banners are in enemy territories and it will require players to first get rid of the enemies to be able to raise the banners.

If there are enemies near the banner, it will not give the option to raise due to the “Public Order” issue. Players must defeat the enemies in the area to raise such banners and upon raising them, they will be added and marked on the map like regular banners.

Upon raising the banners, they will be shown on the map with the “White X” mark symbol same as on the actual banner. To use them to fast travel, all players have to do is open the map, hover over the banner location where they wish to travel and press the X button. It will open a confirmation for traveling and as players confirm it, they will be teleported to the selected destination after a loading screen.

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