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Rise of the Ronin: How to Get the Glider



Rise of the Ronin: How to Get the Glider

Taking your role as a trained samurai in Rise of the Ronin will let you select a preferred playstyle for the protagonists to overthrow the Shogunate. The game offers various gadgets to make your way around Edo and one of the most useful gadgets is the Glider which players will be able to get during the first main mission after the prologue of the game.

The glider is not only used for great traversal advantages but can also be used in combat to take a large number of enemies at once. It includes assassinations with Glider or even throwing bombs while gliding above the enemies. These abilities help greatly while in the co-op with other players and if you are looking to get yourself a glider, keep reading this guide.

How to Get the Glider in Rise of the Ronin

The Glider can be obtained only after you complete the “Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises” mission. It is the first main mission after the prologue of the game which players will get to start upon meeting an eccentric Ronin named Ryoma Sakamoto during “The Bridge to Yokohama” mission sequence. Keep following the waypoint to eventually meet with Ryoma and he will join you along the path.

Progressing through the quest will make you reach a building where you get to fight a boss named Gonzo. Defeating this boss is mandatory as he will give you the Permit to get your entrance to Yokohama. Once you have defeated him, you will have the choice of either killing him or sparing him. Both of the choices will give you the Permit along with a Storehouse Key which is located on the path right to the building where the Glider resides in a chest.

NOTE: Choosing to Spare Gonzo will let you establish a bond with him later in the game.

After getting the Permit, you will be able to make your way through the front gate to enter the city but if you want a Glider, then you must go on the path on the right and open the storehouse door using the key to loot the chest. Looting the chest will give you the Glider which you will be able to use right away by jumping off from the hole in the wall.

How to Use the Glider in Rise of the Ronin

Using the Glider is very simple in Rise of the Ronin as it doesn’t require any space or slot in your inventory. You just need to be at a certain height to jump off and then press the X button again to open the Glider. While gliding, it will use Ki from the Ki meter so, make sure that you have enough otherwise, you might fall off to death.

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