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Alone in the Dark: How to Solve the Telescope Puzzle



Alone in the Dark: How to Solve the Telescope Puzzle

Progressing in the investigation to find Jeremy will require players to solve a plethora of puzzles around Derceto Manor and various memories of Jeremy. One of the main puzzles that players must solve to progress in the story is the Telescope Puzzle located in the Drawing Room during Chapter 2.

This guide will provide all the information on how to solve the Telescope Puzzle in Alone in the Dark.

Where to Find the Lens for the Telescope in Alone in the Dark

Before players get to solve the telescope puzzle, they will first have to get its lens to get it working. To do so, players must complete the Cemetery Memory of Jeremy which will require players to reach and unlock the Chapel.

Upon reaching back to Derceto from the Cemetery, you will get the My Everything clue and the Luggage Key. Get out of Perosi’s Room and enter Jeremy’s Room at the start of the hallway. Interact with the trunk in Jeremy’s Room to use the Luggage Key to unlock it. Loot the trunk to get the Barlow Lens for the telescope in the Drawing Room.

How to Solve the Telescope Puzzle in Alone in the Dark

Once you have obtained the lens, go to the Drawing Room, interact with the Telescope, and attach the lens to it. Now, zoom in and out of the telescope to find the perfect spot for the shining stars. Upon finding the correct spot, a bright light will flash on your screen, and another puzzle will lay out on the wall.

You need to rearrange the tiles on the wall to create a pattern of the stars to reveal the numbers for the Talisman. The arrangement of the pattern of the stars should look like this.

Solving this puzzle will reveal the numbers (9 – 4 – 1) for the Talisman which will be entered automatically. Upon solving both of the puzzles in the room, you will get the objective to go to the Dining Room to further progress in the story.

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