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Alone in the Dark: Chapter 2 Walkthrough



Alone in the Dark: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

After finding the Talisman and meeting with Dr. Gray in the first chapter, players will return to Derceto to continue their investigation on finding Jeremy.

Chapter 2 – Walkthrough

Chapter 2 begins at the reception where you will have to use the Batiste’s Keys to get inside the reception and gather the clues. The first clue is right at the reception window, interact with the note to get the Broken Plates clue. Turn around to find the Repairing the Boiler clue. Go to the table on the right to find the Staff & Patient Directory clue along with a Key Item, Room Key #6 (Perosi’s Room).

Now, go to the back of the reception to find the Patient Files clue. There will also be a safe in the back which you can’t just open yet. However, if you are intrigued by how you can open it, then you can use the (9 Left, 1 Right, 3 Left) combination to unlock it and get Alone in the Dark Lagniappe collectible.

Perosi’s Room

Now, that you have gathered all of the clues, it’s time to head into the Perosi’s Room. Head out of the reception and make your way up to the main staircase where the Astronomical Clock is located. We will get back to the clock as we have to find two missing plates for the clock before we can solve this puzzle.

Continue towards the door on the left of the clock and if you are playing with Edward, a brief cutscene will play. After the cutscene, head into Jeremy’s Room to get the Emily is Here clue. Now, go out and go to the end of the hallway and interact with the door on the left side to use Room Key #6 to unlock Perosi’s Room.

Head inside and interact with the note on the bed to collect I Must Return clue. Now, move on to the Sofa in the right corner of the room to find Perosi’s Journal clue. Now, make your way toward the pictures on the wall and you need to rearrange them by flipping them to make a line of rot. Once done, read the three names on the paintings and then move to the Astarte Artist’s picture on the wall to see and match the three names.

Upon finding all three names, note down the numbers written above each artist. For your convenience, it would be William Arges (2), Franklyn Mosig (9), and Norah Keith (4). Now, open the Perosi’s Journal clue from the Investigation tab and find the zodiac signs for 2, 4, and 9 numbers. Once done, move to the dresser of Perosi and enter the zodiac symbols in the correct order to unlock the dresser and obtain the first Broken Plate for the Astronomical Clock.

Make your way out of Perosi’s Room and suddenly everything will change. Worry not, just simply run to the end of the hallway and open the door to reach the Astronomical Clock to turn everything back to normal.

Astronomical Clock

Now, that we have the first broken plate, it’s time to find the second one and complete the Astronomical Clock puzzle. To find the second plate, you need to head to the Kitchen Garden. Go down to the staircase and turn left to go straight through the door to reach the balcony of Kitchen Garden. Continue ahead to the next door and before we go to the garden, let’s head to the Library as we have the final Batiste’s Key for Library.

Open the Library and go inside to find the Lost Plantations of Louisiana clue. Head to the next door in the library to reach the parlor and here you will be able to get yourself a Shotgun from the case on the wall. Now, interact with the glass door on the right and it will change the reality again. To get out of this dark reality, you have to pick up the Bolt Cutter from the table beside the window at the back of the room.

Pick up the Bolt Cutter, bring it to the glass door, and use it to cut the bolts to pursue ahead. You will come out to the conservatory, so go down the stairs and then into the Kitchen Garden on the right.  Go to the back of the statue to find a well with a bucket in it and the bucket will contain the second Broken Plate. To get the broken plate out of the well, you need to first get the Water Hose from the locked shed in the garden.

Go to the shed and use the bolt cutters to unlock the shed and get the Water Hose. Now, bring the water hose to the well and attach it to the other water hose. Lastly, follow the water hose to the tap and interact with it to fill the well with water. Go back and interact with the well to get the second Broken Plate.

If you go to the Shed, there will be a ladder that you can place back against the balcony to unlock the shortcut to Piazza. Make your way up to the ladder and back to the astronomical clock location. Interact with the clock and place down the broken plates. Now, you need to move and rotate the plates to form a pic shown in the image below.

You will be able to place a talisman on it to reveal some more hidden images but before you do that, you need to find the correct combination for it. To get the combination, interact with the needles of the clock and you will see that the needles are stopped at 6 – 4 – 3. Meaning, you will have to set the biggest circle to 6, the middle circle to 4, and the smallest circle to 3 while placing the talisman on the plate.

Doing it right will show the hallway image outside of Jeremy’s Room. Make your way to the hallway and go past Jeremy’s Room and a door will open on the left side which will take you to Oil Rig.

Look for Jeremy inside the Hateful Mound beyond the Oil Rig

Drop down to the right side and make your way to the first cabin ahead to find the Oil Rig Report clue. Make sure to check the drawers on the left to get a drink and some Pistol Bullets. There will be another door in the cabin leading to a small cabin next to it but unfortunately, it will be locked and it will require a key.

For now, go out of the cabin and make your way to the warehouse in the front. There will be a mechanism to lower the bridge in the warehouse but it will be missing a lever. To find the bridge lever, go to the room on the left side and loot the lockers to find a Jetty Key along with drink and bullets.

Now, leave the warehouse, go to the first cabin again, and use the Jetty Key to unlock the locked door. Continue to a small shed and you will find the Bridge Lever. Pick up the lever and go back to the warehouse to attach the lever to the mechanism and lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and make your way up to the staircase, and before heading out of the window, there will be a small gap between the barrels and the boxes from which you can squeeze through and find the Discarded Palette Lagniappe.

As you reach the window, a brief cutscene will play out and you will get to fight a new type of Ghoul enemy. These enemies can go in the underground but you can easily encounter them by dodging to the side when their underground trail gets near you. Dodge before they come out to either attack them with a Melee weapon or the guns.

After defeating the enemies, use your melee weapon to break the fence on the left side. Continue ahead on the bridge and you will reach an area with multiple cabins. Feel free to loot the cabins to find pistol bullets but be also aware of the ghouls inside the cabins. Once you have looted the cabins, you need to make your way towards the oil rig but in stealth mode.

There will be several enemies guarding the oil rig and you need to stay in a crouch position and make your way toward the bridge and cross to the other side. Upon crossing the bridge, turn to the left side and stealthily make your way to the oil rig. There will be a pump beside the ladder that you need to shut down to climb the tower.

Shut down the pump and quickly climb the ladder to start climbing up the tower. As you reach the top, go to the other side of the tower to find Tough Cloth, and then use the cloth on the wire to make your way down from the tower.

After making your way down from the tower, simply follow the path ahead and you will get to witness the Hateful Mound beast. Keep going along the path until you reach a cave entrance. A cutscene will start and you will be brought back to Derceto at the end of the cutscene.

Access the Drawing Room

Once you are back at Derceto, loot the red bag to get the Palette Knife tool, Reflections on the Power of the Verb in Certain Texts clue, and the Sitting Room Key. Now, go to the room on the right locked with a wedge, and use the Palette Knife to unlock it. Enter the Drawing Room and pick up the Barlow Lens Instruction clue and the Cellar Key from the table.

There will be a telescope beside the window which you cannot use yet as we would need a lens for it. Furthermore, you can also pick up a Dog Collar Lagniappe from the small table against the window.

Replace the Missing Valve to turn off the steam

Now, that you have got the Cellar Key, it’s time to go into the Cellar Room and open the Wine Cellar room. Make your way out of the parlor and then go ahead into the library. If you have picked up the Shotgun, you will get to face a couple of ghouls when you try to leave through the library door. Defeat the enemies and then go out of the library.

Make your way down to the staircase and then into the cellar room at the end of the corridor on the left. Use the Cellar Key at the locked door to open the Wine Cellar and go to the right side against the shelves to find a Switch key item. Now, go to the right side and use the Switch on the board to turn off the electricity.

Now, go ahead in the cellar to find the Valve Handle. Go out of the Cellar and as you are about to reach the Boiler room, you will face one ghoul. Defeat it and then enter the boiler room. Interact with the valve holder at the boiler to replace the valve handle.

Repair the Decorative Plate on the Boiler

After turning off the steam, go ahead in the room to find Jeremy sitting on the ground. The reality will come back to normal and you will find a Broken Plate on the ground for the boiler. This is only the first broken plate and you need to find another one which is located in Cassandra’s Room according to Pieces of Plate clue.

However, before we go there, we need to collect some things. Leave the servant quarter and go up the staircase and then go further up and interact with the door on the right to remove the wedge using the Palette Knife. You will enter a hallway through which you unlock a shortcut back to the Dining Room from the door at the end of the hallway and if you go to the first room on the right, a cutscene will play in which you will get to speak with Mezzanine.

After the cutscene, go to the left side and interact with the bowl to get Beignet Lagniappe, and then open the door which will unlock the shortcut to the Hallway. Now, go all the way around to the other side and open the door to find a staircase. Go down to the bottom and open the door to find Medicine Box Key on the piano in the middle.

Open the door ahead in the room to make your way to the Dining Room and pick up the On the Commonplace of Evil clue by the fire pit. Go to the left side and open the door in front and you will come out in the servant quarter. Now, go to Lottie’s Room and interact with the Medicine Box on the table to find Dr. Jenkins Lozenges key item.

After finding the medicine bottle, make your way back to the main manor through the Piazza door and head up to the Astronomical Clock area. Head to the door on the right and use the Sitting Room Key to unlock the door. Go into the first door on the right and pick up the A Small Request clue from the table. Interact with the box on the chair in the right corner of the room to get Jack in the Box Lagniappe.

Exit the Kid’s Room and head into the next room which will be Cassandra’s Room and it will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, go and interact with the medicine bottles in the room but it will be missing two bottles. One of the bottles will be on the table in the middle of the room and the second bottle we just got from Lottie’s Room.

Place both of the missing bottles with the other bottles and then move and rotate the bottles until they form the shape of a snake. It should look similar to the image shown below.

Once you have rearranged the bottles to solve the puzzle, note down the numbers written on them. It will be 2, 5, and 7. Now, open Perosi’s Journal clue from the Investigations tab and find the Zodiac symbols for these numbers. Upon remembering the symbols, go and interact with the shelf in the room to enter the correct combination of zodiac symbols to open the lock.

After unlocking the lock, the shelf will open through which you will get the Second Broken Plate for Boiler. Now, make your way back to the Boiler Room in the Servant area and interact with the decorative plate to add both of the broken plates you found. Now, you need to move and rotate the plates until you form the picture looking exactly like in the image below.

Find the Talisman number hidden on the Boiler

Once you have repaired the decorative plate on the Boiler, go to the front of the boiler and interact with the pressure gauges to find the numbers (9 – 7 – 5). Now, interact with the plate to place the Talisman on it and then move the biggest circle to 9, the middle circle to 7, and the smallest circle to 5.

Doing it right will show a couple of images on the Talisman. Leave the boiler room, go to the right side, and go up the staircase to reach the Cemetery.

Look for Jeremy inside the Chapel

Upon reaching the cemetery, follow the path ahead until you reach a locked door with a statue nearby. The statue will hold a medallion and interacting with it will give you The Blessing key item. Place the medallion on the locked door to unlock it and then continue ahead on the path. Be aware of the enemies ahead and once you have defeated the enemies and reached a Chapel, you will see that the chapel door requires three medallions.

From here, go to the path on your left and continue ahead by either sneaking your way inside a crack in the wall or shooting your way there. As you come out of the door, you will reach a tomb from where you need to get the rest of the medallions. For the first one, enter the crypt on your left and go downstairs. Follow the path and eventually, you reach a statue with a medallion, The Omen. Retrieve the medallion and continue ahead to come out of the opposite crypt.

As you come out of the crib, you will get to encounter an aggressive ghoul. Defeat the ghoul enemy and enter the crypt from where the ghoul came out. Keep following the path and you will reach a door requiring two medallions. Place the Omen medallion on top and the Blessing medallion below to open the door.

Now, continue ahead and you don’t need to fight any ghoul here as there will be several of them. Just run along the path and eventually, you will reach the statue holding The Sacrifice medallion. Get the medallion and go through the pathway on the right and you will come out from the backside of the Chapel. Get to the Chapel door and interact with the door to place the medallion in the following order.

  • The Blessing on top.
  • The Omen on the right.
  • The Sacrifice on the left.

Keep the direction of the medallions straight so all align with each other and doing it right will start a cutscene. You will get to meet with Jeremy in the Chapel and get encountered by the Mound beast which will bring you back to Derceto.

Unlock Jeremy’s Streamer Trunk

Upon reaching back to Derceto, you will get the My Everything clue and the Luggage Key. Get out of Perosi’s Room and enter Jeremy’s Room at the start of the hallway. Interact with the trunk in Jeremy’s Room to use the Luggage Key to unlock it. Loot the trunk to get the Barlow Lens for the telescope in the Drawing Room.

Use the Telescope in the Drawing Room

Once you have obtained the lens, go to the Drawing Room, interact with the Telescope, and attach the lens to it. Now, zoom in and out of the telescope to find the perfect spot for the shining stars. Upon finding the correct spot, a bright light will flash on your screen, and another puzzle will lay out on the wall.

You need to rearrange the tiles on the wall to create a pattern of the stars to reveal the numbers for the Talisman. The arrangement of the pattern of the stars should look like this.

Solving this puzzle will reveal the numbers (9 – 4 – 1) for the Talisman which will be entered automatically. It will show you an image of the Dining Room. Make your way to the Dining Room and enter the room on the right to conclude the chapter.

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