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Alone in the Dark: Chapter 1 Walkthrough



Alone in the Dark: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the first chapter of Alone in the Dark which can be completed by both of the characters, Emily and Edward. However, there will be different cutscenes for each character.

Chapter 1 – Walkthrough

As Emily and Edward reach Derceto Manor to investigate the missing Jeremy, players will get to select the character with whom they wish to complete the story. After selecting the character, the chosen character will step into the garage which will initiate the first chapter of the game.

Look for a way inside the house

Go to the first barn area in the garage with a light in it and interact with the light to get yourself a Flashlight and a Kitchen Garden Key. You can activate/de-activate the flashlight by pressing the Right Stick button on the controller. Now, go ahead in the garage and you will enter a dark corridor leading to a locked door. Interact with the door and use the Kitchen Garden key to unlock it.

Continue ahead to reach the garden and there will be a couple of points of interest in the garden which cannot be completed at the moment. Walk through the door in the garden on the left side to enter a conservatory. Make your way towards the tree, and there will be a broken pot on the left side of the tree. Interact with the broken pot to find a Housekeeper’s Key. Now, make your way to the door on the right of the steps and interact with it to use the housekeeper’s key and unlock it.

Find the front door and let Emily Hartwood inside

You will reach the laundry area from where you can find a Drink (healing item) on the right side as soon as you enter the laundry area from the conservatory. Before heading out of the door in front, go into the room on the right to find a “Family Bible” clue and Pistol Bullets in the box.

Now, move to the kitchen and there will be several cabinets that you can check to find bullets and drinks but before you head out of the kitchen, go to the room on the right side with all the stored meat and such things to find Rat Poison Lagniappe, a collectible item. There will also be a chest inside the room through which you can get another Drink.

Once you are done searching the Kitchen, go out of the kitchen and turn to the right side to reach the Cellar area. Here, you can find the bullets and the drink as well along with another collectible, Streetcar Ticket Lagniappe. However, the Wine Cellar area inside will be locked and will require a key.

Now, leave the cellar, go to the other side, and enter the room on the left side ahead of the Kitchen door. You will reach the Boiler Room where you will find the Sabotage clue on the stool. The Boiler has malfunctioned which you will get to fix but not in this chapter, so leave the boiler room and continue ahead to open a door leading to a staircase.

Head up to the staircase and the first door on the left side will be locked. Enter the door on the right to find some bullets in the cabinet. Continue ahead and enter the room with an open door to find Derceto Floor Plans (Map) of the Manor. Interacting with the floor plans will also give you a Piazza Key. There will be another clue Lottie’s Diary on the side table beside the bed. Feel free to loot the chest in the room as well to find a Drink.

Leave the room and go to the left side to come across two doors, The Library cannot be opened with a Piazza Key so, you have to interact with the key beside the staircase to unlock it using the Piazza Key. Continue ahead in the straight path to reach inside the Manor and as you go ahead towards the main door, a cutscene will start in which Edward will let Emily Hartwood inside the Manor and meet several characters.

Search Jeremy’s Room for Clues

As the cutscene ends, you will reach Jeremy’s Room. Go to the table next to Emily to find the Commonplace Book clue along with a Key item, Painted Tile. The Painted Tile is used at the strange box placed on the dresser so go and interact with it to use the Painted Tile and initiate the Sliding Puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you need to move the tiles in the following directions.

  • Move the first tile on the top left to the top middle.
  • Move the first tile on the top left to the bottom middle.
  • Move the first tile on the top right to the bottom right.

Upon successfully completing a puzzle, the box will show a tree image within a circle and it will start a cutscene in which you will find the Talisman Schematics clue.

Investigate the corner store

After the cutscene ends, leave Jeremy’s Room and make your way down the staircase. Open the door to reach an open area where you would fight your first Ghoul enemies. Use the gun to kill the ghouls and continue ahead in the corridor to reach the street. Turn right and continue ahead along the street to find a shop named “Johnny the Conqueror” at the corner.

Go to the entrance of the shop to start a cutscene in which the store’s owner will give you Batiste’s Key. After the cutscene, you can open the chest to find the Preserved Reptile Lagniappe. Leave the store and continue ahead in the street on the left of the store. As you go ahead, you will come across an illuminated alleyway in which you find your first Melee Weapon, a Pipe. As you pick up the weapon, a Ghoul will attack you so be ready to swing it at the ghoul to eliminate it.

After that, continue ahead in the street and you will be able to see a ghoul in front of a vehicle’s light. You can use the bottles to throw at the ghoul to do minimal damage or distract it. Go ahead and turn right from the vehicle and go ahead to find a locked door on the left side. Use the Batiste’s Key to unlock the door and you will reach a courtyard with ritual symbols.

As you continue ahead towards the staircase to reach the second floor, a Ghoul will rush towards you so, make sure to take it down. One of the Ghouls will be on the staircase so use the bottle to throw it at it and then use the gun to kill it. Continue up the staircase and there will be one final ghoul that you need to care of before you reach the door on the other side of the balcony. Enter the door and pick up the Talisman clue from the table in front.

Use the Talisman to get back to Derceto

There will be a strange dial on the table on which the Talisman can be placed and you need to use the accurate numbers to use the Talisman to get back to Derceto. To find the correct numbers, open the Investigation Tab and select the “Talisman Schematics” clue. It will have the 3 – 5 – 8 combination for the Talisman.

Now, interact with the dial on the table to place the Talisman on it and then rotate the smallest circle to 3, the middle circle to 5, and the biggest circle to 8. By doing it right, the Talisman will show an image inside it and the door inside the room will unlock.

Walk up to the door to start the cutscene in which you will get to meet with Dr. Gray which leads to the conclusion of the first chapter.

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