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Alone in the Dark: How to Solve Chapter 1 Talisman Puzzle



Alone in the Dark: Chapter 1 Talisman Puzzle

Alone in the Dark offers several difficult puzzles throughout its adventure and one of the earliest puzzles that players will get to solve is at the end of the very first chapter. Players will have to use the Talisman to get back to Derceto Manor for which they have to figure out the correct combination for the Talisman.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Chapter 1 Talisman Puzzle.

How to Solve Chapter 1 Talisman Puzzle in Alone in the Dark

Upon picking up the Talisman from the table in the alternative reality of the parlor, you will notice a strange dial on the table on which the Talisman can be placed. You need to use the accurate numbers to use the Talisman to get back to Derceto. To find the correct numbers, open the Investigation Tab and select the “Talisman Schematics” clue. It will have the 3 – 5 – 8 combination for the Talisman.

Now, interact with the dial on the table to place the Talisman on it and then rotate the biggest circle to 3, the middle circle to 5, and the smallest circle to 8.

By doing it right, the Talisman will show an image inside it and the door inside the room will unlock. Head in to the opened door to complete the objective and you will get to pursue the adventure.

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