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Alone in the Dark: Where to Find the Missing Valve for the Boiler



Alone in the Dark: Find the Missing Valve for the Boiler

Completing the Decorative Plate puzzle on the Boiler will require players to do several puzzles prior to it and finding the Missing Valve is one of them. Players must find the valve and use it on the boiler to close the steam so that they can make progress in the main boiler puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Missing Valve for the Boiler in Alone in the Dark.

Where to Find the Missing Valve for the Boiler in Alone in the Dark

The Missing Valve of the Boiler is located inside the Wine Cellar area which is inside the Cellar room near the Boiler Room. However, the Wine Cellar area is locked and it will require a Cellar Key which players can find in the Drawing Room during Chapter 2. Once players have completed the Oil Rig memory in Chapter 2, they will come to the parlor room in the manor and find a Palette Knife in the bag on the floor.

Players need to use the Palette Knife to remove the wedge from the door on the right side and access the Drawing Room. Here, they will be able to find the Cellar Key on the table. It is the same room as the Telescope so, players will also return here at the end of Chapter 2.

After getting the Cellar Key, make your way down to the staircase and then into the cellar room at the end of the corridor on the left. Use the Cellar Key at the locked door to open the Wine Cellar and go to the right side against the shelves to find a Switch key item. Now, go to the right side and use the Switch on the board to turn off the electricity.

Now, go ahead in the cellar to find the Valve Handle. Go out of the Cellar and as you are about to reach the Boiler room, you will face one ghoul. Defeat it and then enter the boiler room. Interact with the valve holder at the boiler to replace the valve handle.

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