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Alone in the Dark: How to Unlock the Chapel



Alone in the Dark: How to Unlock the Chapel

Pursuing the investigation on missing Jeremy during Chapter 2 will let players reach the Cemetery after solving the Boiler Puzzle where they will need to find a way to unlock the Chapel. The Chapel door will require three different medallions that players must search for and fit correctly on the door to unlock it and gain access to the Chapel.

Fortunately, the first medallion, The Blessing can be obtained early right after reaching the Cemetery area but for the rest of the two medallions, players will have to search the deeper sections of the cemetery. To learn where to find the medallions and how to unlock the chapel, keep on reading this guide.

Where to Find All the Medallions for the Chapel in Alone in the Dark

The three Medallions that you need for the Chapel door are The Blessing, The Omen, and The Sacrifice. As mentioned earlier, the Blessing is obtained before reaching the Chapel area so, players will have to find the rest of the two medallions once they reach the Chapel.

Once you have reached the Chapel, go to the path on your left and continue ahead by either sneaking your way inside a crack in the wall or shooting your way there. As you come out of the door, you will reach a tomb from where you need to get the rest of the medallions. For the first one, enter the crypt on your left and go downstairs. Follow the path and eventually, you reach a statue with a medallion, The Omen. Retrieve the medallion and continue ahead to come out of the opposite crypt.

As you come out of the crib, you will get to encounter an aggressive ghoul. Defeat the ghoul enemy and enter the crypt from where the ghoul came out. Keep following the path and you will reach a door requiring two medallions. Place the Omen medallion on top and the Blessing medallion below to open the door.

Now, continue ahead and you don’t need to fight any ghoul here as there will be several of them. Just run along the path and eventually, you will reach the statue holding The Sacrifice medallion. Get the medallion and go through the pathway on the right and you will come out from the backside of the Chapel.

How to Unlock the Chapel in Alone in the Dark

After obtaining all three required medallions for the Chapel door, make your way to the Chapel door and interact with the door to place the medallions in the following order.

  • The Blessing on top.
  • The Omen on the right.
  • The Sacrifice on the left.

NOTE: Keep the faces of all Medallions upward.

Placing the medallions correctly will connect them perfectly and unlock the door which will initiate a major cutscene for the story of the game.

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