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Alone in the Dark: How to Solve the Medicine Tray Puzzle



Alone in the Dark: How to Solve the Medicine Tray Puzzle

Pursuing the investigation on missing Jeremy of Derceto Manor will require players to solve a series of puzzles throughout the adventure. Every location in the manor has some sort of puzzle that players must solve to see the bigger picture and one of the main puzzles that players must complete is the medicine tray located inside Cassandra’s Room during Chapter 2.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Medicine Tray puzzle in Alone in the Dark.

How to Solve the Medicine Tray Puzzle in Alone in the Dark

Reaching Cassandra’s Room in the Sitting Area will reveal a Medicine Tray in her room along with a locked shelf with the same lock as on Perosi’s Dresser. The Medicine Tray will have two bottles on it and it will be missing two bottles. To solve the puzzle, you must first find both of the missing bottles which can be found by the following means.

  • The first missing bottle is located on the table in the middle of Cassandra’s Room.
  • The second missing bottle is located in Lottie’s Room and it is locked inside the Medicine Box.

To get the medicine bottle from the Medicine Box, you will have to go up the staircase in front of Lottie’s Room and open the door shut by wedge using the Palette Knife. From here, go to the first room on the right and if it is the first time that you are here, it will start a cutscene. After the cutscene, go to the right side and open the door to find a staircase. Go down to the bottom and open the door to find the Medicine Box Key on the piano in the middle.

Now, go to Lottie’s Room and interact with the Medicine Box on the table to find Dr. Jenkins Lozenges key item which is the final medicine bottle. After getting both of the medicine bottles, place both of the missing bottles with the other bottles on the tray and then move and rotate the bottles until they form the shape of a snake. It should look similar to the image shown below.

It will complete the medicine tray puzzle and you will be able to open the shelf lock in Cassandra’s room.

How to Open the Shelf Lock in Cassandra’s Room

Once you have rearranged the bottles to solve the puzzle, note down the numbers written on them. It will be 2, 5, and 7. Now, open Perosi’s Journal clue from the Investigations tab and find the Zodiac symbols for these numbers.

Upon remembering the symbols, go and interact with the shelf in the room to enter the correct combination of zodiac symbols as shown in the image above to open the lock. You will retrieve a Broken Plate for the Boiler which is used for solving the Decorative Plate on the Boiler puzzle in the boiler room.

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