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Alone in the Dark: How to Unlock Perosi’s Dresser Lock



Alone in the Dark: How to Unlock Perosi’s Dresser Lock

Finding the clues about missing Jeremy will let players often scratch their heads in Alone in the Dark as the game will put out a series of puzzles on every turn. As players have come back from experiencing an alternative dark reality, they will get an objective to search Perosi’s Room in Chapter 2 where they will find a Dresser with a strange lock on it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Perosi’s Dresser Lock in Alone in the Dark.

How to Unlock Perosi’s Dresser Lock in Alone in the Dark

The Perosi’s Dresser Lock requires a combination of three Zodiac symbols. To get the code for the lock, you will first have to go to the Sofa in the right corner of the room to find Perosi’s Journal clue. Now, make your way toward the pictures on the wall and you need to rearrange them by flipping them to make a line of rot. It is the Paintings puzzle and it is necessary to solve to get the names of whom you need to get the Zodiac signs.

Once done, read the three names on the paintings and then move to the Astarte Artist’s picture on the wall to see and match the three names. Upon finding all three names, note down the numbers written above each artist. For your convenience, it would be William Arges (2), Franklyn Mosig (9), and Norah Keith (4).

Now, open the Perosi’s Journal clue from the Investigation tab and find the zodiac signs for 2, 4, and 9 numbers. Once done, move to the dresser of Perosi and enter the zodiac symbols in the correct order to unlock the dresser and obtain the first Broken Plate for the Astronomical Clock puzzle.

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