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Alone in the Dark: How to Solve Astronomical Clock Puzzle



Alone in the Dark: How to Solve the Astronomical Clock Puzzle

The Astronomical Clock puzzle is a crucial one in Alone in the Dark that players will get to solve in Chapter 2. Players must solve this puzzle to pursue ahead in the investigation to find Jeremy.

How to Solve Astronomical Clock Puzzle in Alone in the Dark

The Astronomical Clock is located on the first floor of the main hall of the manor just outside of Jeremy’s Room hallway. Interacting with the clock will reveal that it is missing two Broken Plates. To solve the puzzle, players must first find two Broken Plates and then use the plates to form an accurate image to place the Talisman on it and then rotate the Talisman with a correct combination.

Where to Find Two Broken Plates for Astronomical Clock

The first Broken Plate for the Astronomical Clock is located inside Perosi’s Room and the second one is located inside the well in the Kitchen Garged. For the first broken plate, players will have to get Room Key #6 from the reception which will allow them to enter Perosi’s Room at the end of the hallway.

After getting the key, go to Perosi’s Room to find a locked dresser. Players will have to solve the puzzle to unlock the dresser with a correct combination of Zodiac symbols. Completing the puzzle will get them the first Broken Plate.

For the second Broken Plate, players will have to go to the Kitchen Garden but first, they will have to get the Bolt Cutters from the parlor in the Library. After getting the Bolt Cutters, go to the back of the statue to find a well with a bucket in it and the bucket will contain the second Broken Plate. To get the broken plate out of the well, you need to first get the Water Hose from the locked shed in the garden.

Go to the shed and use the bolt cutters to unlock the shed and get the Water Hose. Now, bring the water hose to the well and attach it to the other water hose. Lastly, follow the water hose to the tap and interact with it to fill the well with water. Go back and interact with the well to get the second Broken Plate.

Get Back to Astronomical Clock to Solve the Puzzle

If you go to the Shed, there will be a ladder that you can place back against the balcony to unlock the shortcut to Piazza. Make your way up to the ladder and back to the astronomical clock location. Interact with the clock and place down the broken plates. Now, you need to move and rotate the plates to form a pic shown in the image below.

You will be able to place a talisman on it to reveal some more hidden images but before you do that, you need to find the correct combination for it. To get the combination, interact with the needles of the clock and you will see that the needles are stopped at 6 – 4 – 3.

Meaning, you will have to set the biggest circle to 6, the middle circle to 4, and the smallest circle to 3 while placing the talisman on the plate. Upon doing it correctly, the talisman will show an image of hallway outside of Jeremy’s Room which will conclude the puzzle.

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