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Alone in the Dark: How to Get the Bolt Cutters



Alone in the Dark: How to Get the Bolt Cutters

There are several tools that players will get to find as they make progress in their investigation to find missing Jeremy in Alone in the Dark. Most of these tools are used for solving crucial puzzles that are tied to story progression. One of the essential tools is the Bolt Cutters which is required for solving the Astronomical Clock puzzle in Chapter 2 and many more in the future chapters.

How to Get the Bolt Cutters in Alone in the Dark

To find the Bolt Cutters, players must first complete Chapter 1 in which they will be able to get Batiste’s Keys. The Batiste’s Keys hold a key for the Library through which players can reach the parlor where they will be able to find the Bolt Cutters. Go to the Library which you can reach from the balcony of the Kitchen Garden.

Open the Library and go inside to find the Lost Plantations of Louisiana clue. Head to the next door in the library to reach the parlor and here you will be able to get yourself a Shotgun from the case on the wall. Now, interact with the glass door on the right and it will change the reality. To get out of this dark reality, you have to pick up the Bolt Cutter from the table beside the window at the back of the room.

Pick up the Bolt Cutter, bring it to the glass door, and use it to cut the bolts to pursue ahead. You will come out to the conservatory, so go down the stairs and then into the Kitchen Garden on the right to continue completing the objectives.

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