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Alone in the Dark: How to Unlock the Safe in Clerk’s Office



Alone in the Dark: How to Unlock the Safe in Clerk’s Office

Alone in the Dark offers several mysteries around Derceto Manor and all the memories of Jeremy that players will get to witness as they progress in the main story. Throughout the game, you will encounter several puzzles left and right which you might find intriguing or not. However, the one that will intrigue you from the early hours of the game is the first safe that you will be able to locate inside the Clerk’s Office.

Interacting with the safe while playing as Edward or Emily will leave you with only one answer, “There is no way to get into this thing”. It is because the very safe is tied to the main story progression and will be required to unlock during Chapter 4 of the game. However, you can still open it if you know the code for the safe which will this guide provide for you.

How to Unlock the Safe in Clerk’s Office in Alone in the Dark

The combination for the safe in the Clerk’s Office is obtained during Chapter 3 as you will be able to get your hands on a mandatory clue named “The Dark Man’s Contract”. It is a contract of a Dark Man with Jeremy and if you look to the left of the red symbols, you will see three digits, “913”. After that, as you complete the rest of the Chapter and come back to Derceto Manor, you will be able to unlock it with the code.

However, the code is not properly demonstrated on the contract so for your convenience, you need to enter it in the following pattern.

  • 9 Left, 1 Right, 3 Left

First, rotate the dial to the left side to leave it on 9, then rotate it to the right side to leave it on 1, and lastly, rotate to the left side to leave it on 3. Upon unlocking the safe during Chapter 4, you will find Dr. Gray’s Office Key which is a key item required for solving the Drawing Puzzle.

However, if you open the safe prior to Chapter 4 or mainly during Chapter 2, you will get the Alone in the Dark Lagniappe collectible. It is a rare collectible that you will not be able to get later so if you are currently on Chapter 2, better get this one, and don’t worry as you will get to re-open the safe in Chapter 4 to get Dr. Gray’s Office Key for the main objective.

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