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Lightyear Frontier: Farming Guide



Lightyear Frontier: Farming Guide

Lightyear Frontier is a peaceful farming video game that allows players to explore a mysterious Alien Planet, harvest its resources and crop seeds, and plant them to grow a farm of their own. However, there are several steps involved in building your farm in Lightyear Frontier which involves usage of various tools and resources.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you about how to farm in Lightyear Frontier.

How to Plant Crops in Lightyear Frontier

To begin your farming endeavors in Lightyear Frontier, the very first step is to place down the Small Plots to have the ability to plant up to 9 crops. The Small Plot is the earliest plot that players will get to unlock by gathering the Wood and Plant Fiber. Once they have unlocked its recipe, they will be able to build it through the build mode and plant the crop seeds. Follow the following steps to plant crops in Lightyear Frontier.

  • Open the Build Mode by pressing the B button and navigate to the Essentials tab to find the Small Pot.
  • Select the Small Pot and place it down on the ground by pressing the LMB.
  • Go near it and add the required materials to finish building the Small Pot.
  • After building the Small Pot, equip the Seed Shooter from the Tool Menu by pressing the Q button. Aim toward the pot and press the LMB to shoot the selected crop seeds.

The Small Pot will require 8x Wood and 12x Plant Fiber so, make sure you have the required resources for building it. For the Crop Seeds, you can easily find the Polyberry Seeds in The Meadows region and if you have restored the Pine Heights region, you will be able to get Rabbage Seeds.

How to Water the Crops in Lightyear Frontier

After planting the crops, the next step is to water the crops as crops cannot grow without water. The growth time for every crop is different and it can take around 2 to 4 days for crops to grow. The crops need water on a daily basis, so you must be filled with water. You can get the water by going to the pond or river and harvesting it with a Vacuum Harvester.

Once you have filled the water tank with water, you can spray the water on crops with the Irrigation Hose tool. Open the Tool Wheel and equip the Irrigation Hose and then aim at the planted crop seeds and press the LMB to water them. You only need to water the crops once per in-game day and if there is a rainy day then you don’t have to water the crops on such day.

How to Harvest the Crops in Lightyear Frontier

The final step for farming is to harvest your grown crops. After waiting for 2 to 4 days (in-game), your crops will be fully grown and ready for harvesting. Go over to the plots and equip the Vacuum Harvester tool to start harvesting the crops by pressing the LMB.

Upon harvesting the crops, you will both get the crops and the seeds. The crops you get can be used in an Oil Presser to make oil which then can be used in various recipes and the seeds can be reused for planting and growing.

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