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Lightyear Frontier: How to Build Upgrade Depot & Upgrade Your Mech



Lightyear Frontier: How to Build Upgrade Depot and Upgrade Your Mech

Pursuing your farming and exploration endeavors in Lightyear Frontier will often require more from your Mech as an initial potential of your Mech’s Tools might not be enough. For such endeavors and better experience, you must build an Upgrade Depot and upgrade the tools and other necessities of your Mech.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build an upgrade depot and upgrade your mech in Lightyear Frontier.

How to Build an Upgrade Depot in Lightyear Frontier

The Upgrade Depot is one of the essential crafting structures in Lightyear Frontier that players will get to unlock once they have obtained the Stones and Aluminum Rod. Stones are obtained by breaking the rocks using the rocks and the Aluminum Rod is obtained from Aluminum Deposits. After getting these resources, players will have to build an Assembler from which they will be able to craft an Aluminum Frame, one of the required materials for building Upgrade Depot.

Once players have gathered all of the required resources, they will be able to build the Upgrade Depot from the Build Menu (B) using the following materials.

  • 24x Stone
  • 4x Aluminum Rod
  • 4x Aluminum Frame

Place down the Upgrade Depot and add all the materials to finish building the Upgrade Depot.

How to Upgrade Your Mech in Lightyear Frontier

After building the Upgrade Depot, players will be able to upgrade the Mech by interacting with the Upgrade Depot. Attach the Mech to the depot and then interact with the console at the depot to view the available upgrades under the “Mech Upgrades” tab. There are three separate Upgrade Trees including the upgrades for Farming, Gathering, and Traversal.

Each upgrade in each tree will require a certain number of materials for applying the upgrade. You can view the needed materials by hovering over each upgrade. To apply the upgrade, simply select the upgrade and press the Space Bar key.

It is best to get upgrades like Seed Shooter Lock-on, Water Tank Capacity I, and Inventory Capacity I as soon as possible.

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