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Lightyear Frontier: How to Feed Animals



Lightyear Frontier: How to Feed Animals

While you are alone in a habitable world and exploring the various regions in search of resources of Artifacts, you will often run into different kinds of animals. All the animals are friendly and cannot be killed by any means which gives you only one option, feeding them. As you can’t feed them the crops or seeds that you find around the regions, all animals eat a specific type of fodder.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to feed animals in Lightyear Frontier.

What Animals Eat in Lightyear Frontier

Every region of the mysterious Alien Planet has three kinds of Animals that eat a specific type of Fodder respective to the region. Fodder is a feed for the Animals that players have to make in a Fodder Oven structure which can be built using the following resources.

  • 20x Stone
  • 6x Wood
  • 2x Plant Oil

Stone and Wood can be obtained easily from the world using the Spike Saw tool by breaking the rocks and cutting the trees. However, for Plant Oil, players will have to first build the Oil Presser and use Plant Fiber to craft it.

Craft Fodder Oven to Make All Types of Fodder

After getting the resources and building the Fodder Oven, players will be able to make six different types of Fodder in total. The recipe for each fodder is different and will unlock at the Fodder Oven as you restore more regions and obtain various crops.

  • Basic Fodder: 1x Plant Oil, 1x Plant Fiber
  • Nice Fodder: 1x Polyberry Oil, 1x Plant Fiber
  • Sweet Fodder: 1x Caroot Oil, 1x Polyberry Seeds
  • Sour Fodder: 1x Rabbage Oil, 1x Polyberry Seeds
  • Salty Fodder: 1x Chromaize Oil, 1x Caroot Seeds
  • Fancy Fodder: 1x Zappertwig Oil, 1x Rabbage Seeds

How to Feed Animals in Lightyear Frontier

Feeding the Animals in Lightyear Frontier is very simple and all you have to do is to approach the animals that are out in the wild or visit their Nest and press the interact button to feed them. However, make sure that you have the specific Fodder type in your inventory otherwise, you will not be able to feed them.

As you feed the animals out in the wild, each animal you feed will drop a random resource respective to the region you are in. Meaning, feeding an animal in The Meadows might drop a Polyberry Seed and feeding an animal in Pine Heights might drop a Rabbage Seed.

Benefits of Feeding the Animals

Feeding the animals will not only make them happy but will also be beneficiary for you. At the beginning of a new day, after you sleep at the Homestead, you will see the Resource Boost bonus on your screen for the regions in which you have fed the animals. If you feed one kind of animal in a region, you will get a +1 Resource Boost bonus and if you have fed all three kinds of animals, you will get a maximum Resource Boost bonus.

The Resource Boost bonus restores extra resources in the respective regions allowing you to harvest more resources in the following day (in-game). It is best to keep all or at least the respective fodders in your inventory to feed the animals as you do your daily endeavors around the regions of the world map.

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