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Lightyear Frontier: How to Move and Destroy Structures



Lightyear and Frontier: How to Move and Destroy Structures

Lightyear Frontier offers several crafting structures of different natures which allow you to fulfill your farming endeavors, store your resources, build and decorate your homestead, and much more. As there are several regions on the planet, it is never obvious which region might suit your playthrough which can require you to move or destroy your base to another region/area.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to move and destroy structures in Lightyear Frontier.

How to Move and Destroy Structures in Lightyear Frontier

Unlike other survival or farming simulation games, Lightyear Frontier does not allow you to move the built structures freely. However, it does allow you to recycle your built structures which gives you all of your invested resources back for the recycled structures allowing you to craft them at your desired location.

To recycle the structures in Lightyear Frontier, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Build Mode by pressing the B button and initiate the Recycling Mode by pressing the H button
  • Look at the structure you wish to recycle and press the LMB.

If you are playing on a controller then you have to press the Right Stick button to go into the recycling mode and press the RT to recycle the structures. After you have obtained all of the resources back for the structure that you just recycled, go over to the location where you wish to build your structure through the Build Mode.

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