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Lightyear Frontier: How to Build an Oil Presser



Lightyear Frontier: How to Build Oil Presser

There are several crafting structures in Lightyear Frontier that will allow players to use the raw resources and turn them into useful items or complex resources that are used in advanced recipes. One of these structures that players will have to make early in their gameplay and use almost throughout the game is an Oil Presser. Oil Presser is used to convert plants and crops into oil which is used for creating fodders for the animals as well as required for upgrading your mech.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build an oil presser in Lightyear Frontier.

How to Build an Oil Presser in Lightyear Frontier

Building an Oil Presser will first require players to unlock its recipe which can be done by gathering the Wood and Stones. Wood is obtained by cutting down the regular trees and the stones are gathered by destroying the rocks. Simply use the Spike Saw tool on both the trees and the rocks to get both of the required resources.

After unlocking the recipe, players will be able to build the Oil Presser from the Build Menu. However, before building the Oil Presser, it is best to build it under the Workshop Shed as it improves the efficiency of crafting and gives a chance of duplicating an item. The Workshop Shed is also a crafting structure and it requires 24x Wood to build it.

Upon building the Workshop Shed, go into the build mode again and select the Oil Presser structure to build it inside the shed. It will cost 16x Stone and 12x Wood to build the Oil Presser.

What to Craft in Oil Presser

The Oil Presser is used to craft the oil of plants and crops which then can be used to craft fodders for feeding the animals. One of the initial oils that players will be able to produce is Plant Oil which requires 1x Plant Fiber and takes 30 seconds to craft. Furthermore, as players progress further ahead in the game and grow Polyberry by farming, they will unlock the Polyberry Oil recipe at the Oil Presser.

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